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Being Brave


There’s a quote I saw the other day and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. “Brave men may not live forever, but cautious men do not live at all.” The quote is commonly attributed to Timothy Luce who said it after graduating college in the 90’s but actually it was originated from an unknown author in the 1980’s. Another common use for this quote was in the movie “The Princess Diaries” when Amelia’s father wrote her a note stating “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you’ll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey.”

Another similar quote goes “Success is for the BRAVE! TRUIMPH awaits to those, that are brave enough to undergo through the trials and tribulations!” – Philip T.M.

The quotes, I believe, have significant meaning because they tell us if you go through life being cautious, you’ll never really live life and if you’re brave enough to live life and put yourself out there even in times of trials and tribulations, despite any fears you may have, you will find that in the end you will find success and it will be more satisfying than if you had sat on the sidelines waiting for the storm to pass.

The past 7 years has been nothing but struggle, trials, tribulations, and full of fear of what will come next and they aren’t over and won’t be for quite some time. But I and my wife have pushed forward, we have been brave in the face of that fear, we have done everything except be cautious and wait for the storm to pass. We have made decisions in the hope that they were the right ones to help us move forward in life, sometimes they were the right ones, sometimes they were the wrong ones. We continue to learn from our mistakes, we continue to struggle each day but most importantly we continue to be brave. We may not live forever but we know we will have at least lived and not erred on the side of caution, alive but dead on the inside.

I leave you with this quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Where’s God?

Where Is God

Events lately have had me debating God’s existence. Either he doesn’t exist or he does and just doesn’t care about us or more specifically me and my family and just sits up in Heaven like some Pius King, laughing and drinking, and rolling his holy dice to see what happens with our lives next.

I write this blog not to start any religious debates so please don’t start any.  If your a religious person and truly believe in him and how he answers prayers I would suggest you don’t read any further and just click off this post.  Now, to give you a little background I went to church my entire life.  From the day I was born till I was 34, the day I asked for a divorce from my first wife I went with maybe a brief interruption of 3 or for 4 year from 16 to 20 yrs old.  One thing I realized at the time was I never went because I wanted to go.  I went because someone else made me go.  Growing up it was my parents, then after marriage it became my ex-wife.  Religion was one of a big list of things on my list as to why I wanted a divorce.  It wasn’t at the top but it was in the top 5.  When I stopped going, I still believed in God and in the bible.  What I didn’t believe in was organized religion.

Since however, I got fucked in my divorce, something I did not deserve, but Virginia believes because your a man your automatically a dead beat even though I was the one requesting the divorce for reasons I won’t state here.  I dated a whore who robbed me blind of the rest of my money.  Then after getting re-married we have done nothing but struggle just to survive and we have been married  6 years this May.  Are things better?  Sure.  I have slowly been paying off debts but there is always something that happens that prevents us from getting ahead.

Anyway, through out this time there have been many occasions I have found myself praying to this invisible God that everyone loves so much, and that I have believed in for so many years, asking for help.  Now this isn’t for things like a new x-box game or something like that, this is for money to buy food, pay rent, buy a new car because the old one died or was totaled in an accident.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I thought and believed he actually heard my prayers.  Sad thing is the amount of times he hasn’t is so many, I can’t count them all, there are just too many times, those prayers went unanswered.

I went my entire life being told “All you have to do is ask God for help and he will answer your prayers.”  Really?  So where is he when I need him the most?  Where was he when I had no money to buy groceries and we had to go to food banks and get moldy food to eat?  Where was he when rent was late because my pay got screwed up and now we have a late fee that has to be paid instead of putting that money towards debt?  Where is he while we are trying to pay for dentistry for our children that insurance doesn’t cover?  People like to say he doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  If that were so why have I considered ending my life in the past?  Why does it go through my head even still that everyone would be better off if I weren’t alive?  I’d say I had more than I could handle.  The only thing that stops me is being too chicken to do it.


As much as I want to say there really is no God, I struggle with it because there are aspects that I can’t dispute that are a part of the whole God and Heaven and Hell theory.  Angels and Demons.  I have personally seen both Angels and Demons with my own eyes.  And to see them puts some credence behind there being a Heaven and Hell.  Which means there must be a God and Satan.  So I guess I am saying I do still believe they exist they just don’t care about us or our needs.

So again if he does exist, then why is he not answering prayers?  He’s not testing us.  That crap can go out the window because a test means your working towards a goal if you pass.  You will be rewarded for passing.  There is no reward for struggling.  Maybe because he really doesn’t do that.  Maybe that’s not in his job description.  Maybe that’s something we have made up to make him out as a loving God to make it easier to worship him.  When in reality, all he does is sit and watch us play out our lives and revel in the false beliefs of what we think he is.

Just last year, now even my wife doesn’t know this, I have not told anyone until now, I actually thought I could sell my soul to the highest bidder.  I don’t remember what was happening but I know we needed some help and bad, pretty sure it had to do with finances, it always does.  Anyway I told both God and Satan, if either of you are real, prove it.  I have this problem and it is out of my hands.  There is nothing I can do.  I need divine intervention.  So prove to me you exist.  I asked God first, I told him, I need help I need help now.  If I don’t have help in two days I will know you either don’t exist or don’t care but I will give the same chance for Satan.  If you do help, I will know and I will start reading your word again.  No help came.  So I said to Satan the same thing.  I need help and I need help now, you have two days, if you help me my soul is yours if not then I know you either don’t exist or don’t care either.  No help came.

Eventually, after several weeks I was in a position to fix it myself but by then the damage was done and I had to work to fix that as well.  So I said to Hell with them both and I don’t need them.  I have since gone so far as to tell my family to stop saying “Bless You” when I sneeze.  Trivial I know but I truly don’t believe it does a damn thing and I was dead serious I don’t want to be blessed when I sneeze.  I’m not being blessed and those words mean nothing to me.  It’s like saying sorry to my wife.  She would prefer actions not “I’m sorry”.

I bring all this up because I just had another instance with money I needed his help with to avoid late fees, stress and worry for myself and my spouse and I broke down and prayed for help and my prayers went unanswered yet again.  So, you see history has shown me that he doesn’t care, he doesn’t listen to prayers.  He sits on his throne he made for his ego-maniacal self looking down on us as if we are his playthings.  Something to be discarded when he tires of us and moves on to his next toy.

We Have Become Too Sensitive

Politically Correct

I believe that today as a society we have become too sensitive.  Now I’m not talking about a guy who will cry during a sad movie or write a woman a poem.  I’m talking about being offended by what others say and do.  I remember growing up it was nothing to tell a dirty joke with both girls and guys present and nobody got offended.  Up until a certain point we had a moment of silence in school for those who wished to pray.  When I got in trouble my mother would chase me with the flyswatter or my grandmother would send me out to the peach tree to pick a bundle of switches.  Hell, my father even spanked me with his belt one time….gasp.  These things didn’t morally corrupt me.  They didn’t make me grow up to be a deviant rapist killer.  I did 20 years in the Air Force, served during multiple wars and conflicts raised 2 well-adjusted adult children of my own and still have several more almost out the door with one straggling behind.  I haven’t been arrested or raped anyone.  I’m an upstanding member of my community and I’m looked up to at work.  BTW I even listened to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as a kid and I looked at porn too…I still do all those things.  I know another gasp.

For some reason, our generation who went through all these things, and never had any issues with it as children, somewhere early in adulthood, decided there are problems with it.  We have to be politically correct.  Why?  We have to be sensitive to atheists because they don’t believe in God?  Why?  What about being sensitive to those who do believe in God?  It’s a two way street I say.  We have to watch our “foul” language and the jokes so we don’t offend someone.  Why won’t an apology suffice if I do offend them?  Finally we can’t discipline our children, at least in public, for fear of having the police called for child abuse.  Why?  I turned out just fine and sorry it wasn’t abuse, the back of the hand or a closed fist is abuse.  Leaving bruises on purpose, breaking bones, making them bleed, that’s abuse.  Giving them a time out or putting them in a corner is not disciple.  Its teaching them there is no real consequence for their actions and they will continue to act like demon spawn until you put them in their place or they become adults and someone else puts them in their place.

We as a society have been so worried about everyone else and what they say and do and how it affects us as an individual we have become a bunch of winey ass pussies who cry at the littlest things whether someone said a bad word, dirty joke, watched a porn, got drunk and ran naked down the street, or showed some discipline for their child in an attempt to teach them right from wrong and that there are consequences for their actions.  We need to grow some balls and get some thicker skin, throw out this politically correct bullshit and stop worrying about how other people are raising their kids and start worrying about how we are raising our own. 

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Have you ever done something that you wished you could do different?  How about changing something you don’t really think is a major deal but because someone you love was hurt because of it, you feel bad?  It could be anything from smarting off to someone to buying a loved one a gift.  It doesn’t have to be major decisions in our past but simple decisions that we just wish we could change.  Last week we watched The Butterfly Effect, and if you haven’t seen this movie, it is a good one, but the main character figures out a way to change events in the past with his mind.  Basically he is travelling back in time but only his mind does, so he ends up in his body in the past while his present body stays in the where it’s at.  One thing he figures out is, even if he changes things for the good, there is always something bad to go with it and no matter how much he tries to fix it, a new good and a new bad happen.

This got me to thinking today that no matter what decision we make in our lives there will also always be ripple effects and there will always be something good and something bad happen.  Now that something good could be as simple as self-gratification and the bad being hurting someone you love.  Say you go outside when it’s raining and go for a run.  The good could be you got your exercise in but the bad might be you caught a cold.  Another example might be you bought your loved one an expensive gift for their birthday.  The good would be the look on their face when they see it and knowing you made them happy but the bad might be the fact that you are now in debt and your checking account has $4 in it.  It’s all relative but I do believe it applies to almost any choice we make. 

If we were to go back and change some of those choices we don’t like, sure we will have a different outcome and we may have a different good but it also means a different bad may happen or the bad that did happen may be worse this time around, it’s like ripples in the water.  The only thing I see that could change this scenario is how others interact with our choices. 

I personally have numerous decisions that I have made throughout my life that I wish I could change but with that change I have no idea what the outcome will be.  Will the good be the one I want and what will the bad be that follows?  Is it a bad I can live with or not?  I recently made a couple more choices, that in the overall grand scheme, the choices themselves I don’t believe were all that big, but because they hurt someone I love, I have come to regret those decisions regardless and if I could go back and change them I would, despite not knowing how it would change the future though I’m sure the good would be the loved one would not be hurt and the bad being something as simple as not having instant gratification.  When it’s all said and done, we can’t control the ripples in time, we can’t control the outcomes of our decisions, what good will happen and what bad will happen. We can guess but we truly don’t know until after it has happened.  What we do and can control are the decisions we make and we do know if it will upset those around us or not.  What we choose to do from there is on us.  Sometimes we get it right, and if you’re anything like me, a lot of times you get it wrong.  I only hope my ratio changes before the effects are more than I can bare.

So You Like My Tattoos Do You?

Bar Scene

I thought I would give the ladies a few tips in this blog.  I know sometimes you may be out at the bar or the dance club looking for some hot guy to take home and sometimes it’s not so easy to get in our pants.  Well, I’m here to give you a few tips that should help you to ensure the guy you snare on your night out, puts out, that night.

The first thing you want to do is wear something sexy out.  Something that shows cleavage and leg, and possibly your mid drift too but this is optional.  Next, once you are there is ask if you can sit with him.  This way it makes it easier to start a conversation.  A good conversation starter, if he has visible tattoos is to comment on them.  Tell him they are cool, ask to see them, ask how many he has and to show you them.  Touch his tattoos as he shows you them, because your not only touching his tattoo your touching him and this can be sensual.  People with tattoos are proud of their ink and love to show them off.  Ask what he is drinking, and tell him what you are drinking, maybe even talk about each of your favorite drinks.  He will no doubt ask about you, kindly tell him but don’t go overboard and tell him your life story.  If you have kids, tell him up front.  If your married, tell him up front.  Then go from there.  If you get him drunk enough you being married probably won’t matter.  Next, talk about him.  Ask about him.  Let him talk about himself.  While he is doing so, keep eye contact, showing that you are interested in what he is saying.  If he makes a joke, laugh even if it is corny, while doing so, do that hand on his arm or leg tap while you laugh.  It shows your not afraid to be intimate with him and like his body.

If your at a dance club, ask him to dance.  If your at a bar, ask him if he likes to dance.  If he says yes, then ask he would like too.  Don’t dance more than 2 songs.  Sit down and take a break.  Let a few songs go by before you go back out.  About the 5th song you should be dancing to a slow song.  This is your opportunity to get real close to him.  Nibble on his neck letting him know you want something later.

Throughout the night, ensure you and he are keeping pace with the drinks, this will help settle the nerves and loosen the tongue.  After several hours go by start being more flirty.  Be more touchy, feely.  Even a little dirtier.  Make sexual jokes.  Show the cleavage a lot.  Get closer too him, letting him know you want him physically.  When you go back out to dance, make your dancing dirtier, grinding your body against his, your sure to get a rise out of him.

As it starts getting closer to the end of the night, start slyly talking about how hot he is and how bad you want him.  Ask him if he wants to leave and go back to his place or somewhere else.  If your single offer your place.  If his place is out, a hotel room works, the back seat works.  When you get to where your going, don’t give him time to think, start kissing and undressing him immediately.  I guarantee you, assuming he isn’t one minute charlie or got a penis the size of a shrimp, you should be sufficiently satisfied by the time the night is done.  When you leave, assuming it was good, offer to see him again, and exchange names and numbers.  If not, then just go on your way and start over the next night.

So ladies, there are my tips to help you pick up a man and get in his pants on the same night.  Hopefully this helps you have less frustrating and lonely nights going home alone.

Words Don’t Make A Person Bad


I have a tendency to say things, that are good intentioned, and of my own opinion, or my own experiences, and they always find a way to attract people who read or hear it and suddenly stop with their mouths agape and say “I can’t believe you do that” or “How could you do that to your wife or your kids”.  If it’s an opinion about something or an observation I always have to reply “At what point did you actually hear the words “I did or I do this or that”?  You didn’t.  So how can you honestly say because I say I support this cause or I believe in that that I am saying I do it?”  It honestly makes absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever.  I am the kind of person that if I did not specifically say those exact words then you have no right to or no logical reason to say I said it.  Logic dictates I didn’t.  My mind just can’t comprehend why people assume things like that.  At any rate I am known to offend or piss people off, so I guess why stop now right?  I’m sure that statement right there will piss a few people off too.

I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I believe opinions are just that, opinions.  They are neither, right or wrong.  Every opinion even if they are opposing can be based in fact so they both can have something about them that is right and both can have something about them that is wrong but it doesn’t make them right or wrong.  Just because a person disagrees with you, or has a differing opinion than yours, it does not make them a bad person.  It doesn’t mean they actually do what they support either, it doesn’t mean they don’t, but it doesn’t mean they do.  I support gay rights (if both women are hot).  Does that make me gay?  I guarantee some would automatically assume that I am because I support it but surprise I’m not.

I don’t believe our current president should have ever been elected one term much less two, not because of his race but because of his policies and his political background but I guarantee you people will say if I don’t support him it’s because he is black and I’m a racist.  Wrong.  It has nothing to do with it.  Aside from all the black friends that I have, I would vote for a black Republican in a heartbeat just as I would a female Republican.  It’s the Republican’s credentials that I look at not what sex they are or color or sexual orientation.

Abortion is another topic that gets really heated with people and it doesn’t matter what side you are on people will say something about you even if it’s not true.  I am neither, for or against abortion.  Meaning I am not 100% one way or the other.  I support both sides for certain reasons.  I support the woman’s right to an abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or if the birth will endanger her life or both her and the child’s.  I support abortion if it is determined that the child will not live long and will be deformed and live a short or long tortured life or a vegetable, but these are all at the woman’s discretion.  It is not mandatory.  On the flip side I don’t support abortion as a means of birth control.  I don’t believe because some 14, 16, 24, 31, 42, or 48 year old who doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed should be able to go down and have an abortion, discarding baby after baby after baby just because she refuses to use protection or swallow or make him use protection.  Do accidents happen?  Sure they do.  Is that a reason for abortion?  No, in my opinion it is not.  You made a choice to have sex, now you need to be an adult and deal with the consequences.  Now I want to clarify, that I do not believe that someone who did make the choice to have an abortion is a bad person by any means.  Do I think they had other choices?  Yes, but they may not have thought so at the time, but I am more focussing on those who have one after another after another.  With that said these 13 and 16 year olds are not adult enough but guess what?  That’s why they have foster care and adoption agencies.  There are hundreds of parents out there that can’t have children that so desperately want to and by having that abortion you may have just taken their chance at loving and caring for a child away from them.  Now, I will speak for the voice unheard, no not the unborn child, but the father of that child.  Everyone focuses on the mother, “She is the one who has to carry the baby, it’s her choice!”  Well yes this statement is absolutely correct but that father does have a say, it is his child too.  She did not have this child through immaculate conception.  If she doesn’t want it she doesn’t have to keep it if she is unmarried but the father should have the opportunity to care for his child if he chooses.  If they are married, then the two have a lot of talking to do before the decision is made.  Some will say their doctor says a baby isn’t considered living until 6 weeks, well I can get a doctor that says at the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, it is alive and growing inside the mother, therefore it is a living human being and should be protected.  Again this is my opinion but I’m sure people will think I’m some monster and probably took some woman I knocked up in my past to some back alley Dr. with a coat hanger and some meth to have an abortion.  Well I didn’t.

Now underage sex.  Oooohhhh I’m getting the looks on this one.  I totally think it’s wrong.  I’m a parent and an adult, I know it’s wrong.  As a teenager I had sex as often as I could.  I was a teenager.  You have a different viewpoint on sex as a teen then you do as an adult.  No parent wants their teen to have sex.  No teen wants to be a virgin (unless you are so deeply rooted in church you have been brainwashed into thinking you have to wait till marriage).  At the same time you have to understand that no matter what you say, hormones are raging and your children are going to do what they want.  If they choose to wait that’s great, it’s awesome, but if they don’t you can’t really be angry, did you wait?  In most states 16 and consenting is legal.  It does not however protect you from the parent charging someone who is 18 or older with sexual assault on a minor.  I will never condone an adult touching any of my children who are under 18 even if they are 17.  Yes when I was a kid I had crushes on adults.  I understand teens have them.  The important thing is that the adult in the situation act like an adult and not engage the CHILD.  Now with that said it is getting very hard to determine who is over 18 and who isn’t now a-days and personally I think it should be illegal.  I saw a woman a while back and pointed her out to my wife and said to her “Doesn’t she have a nice ass?” and my wife in-turn said “She’s underage”.  I was aghast.   I asked “What do you mean?” she said she was about 17 and with her parents.  I immediately felt like a pervert.  I now have to ask “what do you think her age is?” before I make any kind of remark about their looks just so I don’t feel like a pedophile.    Kids need to dress like kids, not adults, it’s very confusing.  But if an adult knows their age they need to stay away, plain and simple.

Another example would be if someone says they support assisted suicides, does that mean they have actually assisted with a suicide?  No it just means they agree with it.  I could say I support prostitution.  It’s the oldest profession out there.  Does that mean I have prostituted myself out before or hired a prostitute?  No it doesn’t, it just means I support it.

I can go into so many other things that I support or don’t support or have opinions on.  I guarantee you though there will be people who will read this and focus on the examples or opinions I gave and not on what this blog is about which is everyone has a right to their own opinion and just because someone says they support something does not mean they actually do it, nor does it make them a bad person because their opinion is different from yours.  I’m not bad nor am I wrong for having an opinion, supporting, or believing in something that is different from you.  I don’t think that about you so don’t think it about me and don’t go running and whispering to people saying “I can’t believe he said that” or “I just can’t believe he does that”  When you know damn well the words “I DO …….” or “I DID ……” never came out of my mouth.

When I Was A Kid

When I was a kid, we had to walk a mile and a half to school, in the cold, with no coat, barefoot, both ways.  I’m sure at some point we all heard this from either our parents or grandparents.  Just one of many sayings as a child you just roll your eyes and think to yourself “whatever”.  Then you become a parent, suddenly you find yourself saying those same things your parents said to you that you swore you would never say.  You realize there was meaning behind those words, more than just what the words meant themselves.  A reason for saying what they said, when they said it.  A reason for making you do things you didn’t want to do, even if at the time you didn’t understand what it was, you were just thinking they were being mean parents.

I have noticed though, kids today, just don’t think the way we did as kids.  Sure some may have the same values, same work ethic, same moral compass but the thought process is still different.  I think that is because their motivations are different.  Their environments are different, their surroundings are different, laws that effect them of what is considered acceptable and not acceptable are different.

Kids Fighting

When I was a kid, I will admit I had a lot of friends in high school.  However despite that I always felt like a loner.  I still feel like a loner, like no one truly understands me.  My 7th grade year I spent most of it in the principle’s office, hands on the arms of the chair, listening to the whistle of the wind blow through the large holes in that large paddle as it came down on my ass because I was in YET another fight.  I was picked on a lot in 7th grade for being skinny and short.  I had to prove myself and I did.  Come 8th grade, very few problems and lots more friends, people who were my enemies the year before.  Why?  Because I didn’t run and hide every time someone came after me, made a threat or called me a name.  I stood my ground and I earned their respect.  Did I get my ass kicked?  Sure there were a couple of times I lost, there were a lot of times it was broken up by a teacher, then there were a lot of times I won because they weren’t expecting the fight that they got out of me.  Am I advocating violence?  No.  I am advocating standing up for yourself.  Not only will others respect you, you will have more respect for yourself and feel better about yourself.

When I was a kid, I spent 90% of my time outside.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t play inside, it just means I was outside more.  If I wasn’t doing something like playing war with my friends, shooting each other with our bb guns, we were playing baseball, football, riding our bikes, running through the woods chasing snakes, having rotten orange fights in the yard, at the arcade in the mall, or I was alone.  I did a lot of things alone.  The woods was my sanctuary.  When inside, I either had friends or I played alone in my room, watched tv in my room, or played my Atari.  I loved reading, all through high school, I read everything I could get my hands on, The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice And Men, Shakespeare, Luis La’More books, porn magazines, and with the exception of the porn, I read them all at school, (only in the library), when not in class like during lunch or a study hall.  I still love reading today but I limit how much and how often.  You have to enjoy your time as a kid because one day you won’t be one and you will regret all the things you didn’t do that you wish you had.

natural born griller (kid chef)

natural born griller (kid chef) (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks)

When I was a kid, we had to eat everything on our plate or we didn’t get up from the table till we did.  Remember the saying, there are starving children in Africa or some other country that would love to have what you have?  Yea and just about every kid was thinking “pack it up and send it to them since their starving cause I don’t want it.”  Honestly I never agreed with that statement.  It has nothing to do with eating what was put before you.  As for sitting at the table till you finished everything, shit it only took falling asleep at the table a couple times before I realized, it was easier just to eat.  Now there are a lot of people who have concerns about this and well obviously by this post I disagree with them.  I don’t believe it promotes obesity.  Why?  because as a parent, theoretically your only putting on their plate a healthy amount to eat in the first place.  You were already expecting them to eat everything before they started complaining so if they did eat it all without complaining there wouldn’t be an issue.  So why is making them eat when they do complain suddenly promoting overeating?  I say it isn’t.  We also know as parents, that when they don’t get their way about not eating something, they will suddenly become full, when in reality this not true unless they ate half the kitchen right before supper.  As parents we need to be willing to accept the fight.  I believe it teaches them several things.  First, respect for the cook, that person took the time to prepare you something and in some cases all day to prepare you something, the least you can do is show some respect and thanks by eating it.  You don’t like something no one is saying gorge yourself on it but a couple of bites won’t kill you either.  Second, it teaches them to be thankful for what they have, because one day, they may be looking at a bowl of ramen noodles or worse an empty plate all together wishing they had just one bite of that vegetable they didn’t want to eat a week ago.  These are the lessons I learned anyway.

When I was a kid, I hated homework, but I did my homework.  Now I was smart, I did it all at school when I had free time so I wouldn’t have to do it home but sometimes I still had to bring some home to do.  I understood the value of an education.

Parent and Kid ArgueWhen I was a kid, I never argued with my parents when told to do something.  EVER.  Did I complain while I was doing something I didn’t want to do?  Sure, what kid doesn’t but I did it and without argument.  I never asked why, I never said no, I never said I would do it later, I never said I didn’t want too why couldn’t someone else.  I also never smart mouthed my parents.  I wouldn’t still own all my original adult teeth if I had.  When we were kids we had respect for our parents.  It was that simple.  Sure there were times, we thought they were the meanest people ever, we hated them, or whatever but those feelings never controlled how we spoke to our parents.  You pick your fights as a parent they say.  I believe that with children and helping them to learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, every smart mouth comment, every argument is a fight worth fighting.  Can it make your life miserable, your blood pressure rise?  Damn right it can, sometimes you may even feel like your just yelling at a brick wall but if by the time they graduate and are on their own, they have learned to respect their elders and respect authority then it’s worth it.

You should never have to put aside your morale values because society says or some women in a grocery store says your wrong for thinking it.  If you know what your doing is morally right and is teaching meaningful life lessons and a strong moral compass, it can never be wrong to do.

Now I know for a fact there are going to be people who either disagree with one or even all of these things and that is fine.  First Amendment gives you that right.  What it doesn’t give you is the right to bash someone because they think differently only the right to disagree.  I am not out to start a wordpress war over what is good parenting or bad parenting, because we all know what works for one kid may not work for another all I’m saying is there are some things I believe do work for most kids if they are willing to learn.  So if this post offends you, well I am sorry for that, it is not my intent to do so.