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Lost History, A Time To Be Reeducated

I thought I would sit down and write a quick blog to precede my upcoming blogs in an effort to give everyone an idea of what is to come.  I hear a lot of talk in reference our government, political parties, and historical figures in general, mainly from our millennials that has made me realize more than ever that our education system has truly let them and our children who are still in school down.  They talk a lot about the different political parties or historical figures and groups and it has become painfully obvious they know nothing of the true history of our government, the political parties and so on.  There are many factors to blame for this, our government choosing what to teach and what not to teach our children, people like our millennials, but not exclusively them, not doing the proper research before talking about a topic, then talking without all the facts, and us as parents and grand-parents for not correcting them.

With it being the holiday’s of course things will not be coming out daily or weekly but over the course of the next few months I will endeavor to help educate every on those things that aren’t being taught, like how the Democratic party created the KKK in response to Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President, for freeing the slaves, about the first 7 black Americans elected to the U.S. Congress during the period of 1865 to 1877 and how they were all Republican!  How the Republican party used to be a part of the Democratic party, the Democratic – Republican party, then split due to differences in views on state, economic, and minority rights.  All things conveniently left off the Democratic National Committee’s official web page.

I will enlighten everyone on the truth behind the Black Panther Party, the darker side left out when talking about them and unknown to a lot of our younger generation today, as well as many unknown facts about other historical figures such as Christopher Columbus, Paul Revere and so on.

This is not an attempt to cause debate or anger among people but to educate people on historical facts that our government and education system does not inform people of anymore and doesn’t want our people to know about.  It may surprise and even shock a lot of people but ultimately I hope, with an open mind, people walk away a little more enlightened and knowledgeable about our history and our government, further enabling people to have more informed conversations instead of talking about something they know nothing about while using false information and sounding ignorant and foolish.  My first blog in this series will be the history and basic background and principles the Democratic Party was founded on and their overall thought process over the years.

All Girls School Biology Class Shocked

Dissection Tools

A senior biology class in an all girls school in Texas were shocked last week when they came to class to find they were dissecting a horse’s penis.  According to the their Biology teacher Mrs Chan “These girls go through this with every dissection.  They get grossed out and shocked they actually have to cut something open, with the exception of a handful of students that actually embrace the knowledge they can gain from what they are doing.”  In response to the girls stating they had never seen anything so big in class before Mrs Chan responded “If you choose this line of work as a career, trust me you’ll get to see big ones all the time.  Some times you welcome something smaller just to change things up.”

As Mrs Chan predicted there were a couple students who welcomed the challenge of handling something as large as the horses penis.  “When you see it your instantly motivated to put everything you have into it, to explore every aspect of it.”  The others weren’t so enthusiastic however and said they “Just couldn’t imagine having to handle something so large.  We were expecting something the size of a dog or cat something more manageable, something we’re used to seeing.”

While the horse penis dissection caused a stir in Mrs Chan’s class, it was sanctioned by the school and the students moved forward like troopers.  When it was over, the majority of the students said “While hesitant at first, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to experience handling something larger than I’m used to.  It gives you an appreciation for the skill it takes to ensure you do it right.”

The Student Becomes The Teacher

As parents we want nothing more then the best for our children.  Even for them to do better for themselves then what we have done for ourselves.  Sometimes we feel as though we couldn’t give them enough when they were kids or could have done more and hope we at least prepared them enough to succeed and surpass us in their endevours.

For myself I have been unable to do this with my father in my opinion. I have always felt he was an amazing person.  He has always had the ability to figure things out and remember how to do it, just like that and not only do it but do it to almost perfection no matter what it is.  Myself, I could only do that for a handful of things, unlike my father who had that ability for everything.  I still struggle to make ends meat, live in an apartment, and can’t pay all my bills and I’m in my 40s.  My father owns his own house that he built and owns his own business.

Now we move to my two adult kids, this is where the topic of my post comes in to play.  My oldest daughter is married and moving into a townhouse, succeeding where I can not…I am proud of her for that.  She will be finishing her degree a few months before I do mine as well.  She is in her 20s I’m in my 40s.  Big difference there.  This is what I wanted.  For her to have these things early in life not to be where I’m at today and still struggling to have them.  Then there is my adult son, who is a student in college and has truly become the teacher.  He is the genius.  Growing up you are there to teach your children.  Help them with their homework, build wooden race cars, show them how to build campfires, to fish, cook, fix things, and everything else a person needs to know to make it on their own.  Now we are both in college and I just happen to be taking a class I am lost in.  To the point, on my own, I would fail.  So I went to him for help.  He became the teacher.  He surpassed me and is now helping me, showing me, teaching me, what I need to know, to pass this class.  This is truly another example of my child, surpassing me, doing better then I did in life.  If he can be at a point where he is now teaching me instead of me teaching him, I no longer need to worry if he is going to make it in this world, because I know he is going to excel in it.  He is destined for great things and I know he will surpass me and do so much more then what I could ever have hoped to do for him myself.

I have my 16 yr old daughter, 16 yr old step son and soon to be 11 yr old step daughter left.  If I can do the same for them as I have for the first two then I will have succeeded as a parent and that is all I want.

Congratulations To My Son!

I’ll be traveling down to Florida tomorrow for a week.  My son is graduating High School on Friday.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He is graduating with honors in the top 3% of his graduating class.  He is a recipient of the Take Stock in Children Scholarship and also the Florida Academic Scholars Bright Futures Scholarship.  He participated in National Honor Society and Beta Club.  he received a Varsity and Jr. Varsity Letter in Cross Country.  He is also a recipient of the National Sojourners Award in JROTC.  He will be attending the University of Florida in the fall pursuing a degree in computer engineering.

Uncomfortable Flirting

Introducing Traci Lords

Introducing Traci Lords (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

I flirt, my wife, flirts.  I have had plenty of women flirt with me and it’s never really been a big deal.  However, something happened a few years ago that I never thought would ever happen to me and honestly I have to say it made me uncomfortable and not much does.  Now I already blogged in my post “Hot For Teacher” about when we were teenagers having a thing for a teacher or another adult.  As a teenager you think nothing of it.  As an adult, your mindset changes, at least for some, and the thought of being with a teenager becomes something that aside from not being socially acceptable, uncomfortable to think about.  Especially if you have children of your own.  The following is a true story that happened to me several years ago.

I had a teen a couple years ago flirt with me and I was so shocked by this I had no idea how to react.  My step-son was not doing what he should be in school, he was in 8th grade, and so I decided one day I was going to sit in every one one of his classes with him.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  First we need to stop putting hormones in our foods because these girls are looking way older then their age.  They are 13 and looking 18.  That’s just wrong and asking for trouble.  So anyway, I go in, and I’m in my short sleeve shirt so most of my tattoos are showing.  I’m talking to his teacher explaining why I am there and get ready to take a seat in the back when this girl comes up and asks who I am.  I tell her and then she says that she really likes my tattoos.  Now, under normal circumstances I would know when a woman starts talking to me about my tattoos she is flirting but this girl is 13 maybe 14 so I figure there is no way that’s what she is doing.  She’s to young to know that move.

So I kinda shrug it off and go sit down.  Throughout the class I catch her looking back at me which I thought was odd.  Near the end of class they got into groups to read or something and she decides she wants to talk more and asks what I do.  At the time I was still in the Air Force so I told her and she just keeps asking more questions and talking to her friends, whispering about me having tattoos etc.  Now I didn’t really catch on at the time but in next class, history, I’m in the back again, and she is 2 desks in front with a friend.  A one point I hear the two giggling and looking back at me.  I’m thinking great I have two 13 year old’s making fun of me.  Then all of a sudden she takes a  plastic spoon that she had and grabs the handle and puts it in her mouth and starts making the “blow job” motion with it, and then they both look back at me again then at each other and start giggling.  Well now I’m really uncomfortable and I realize this girl has been flirting the entire time.  It took her being obvious to figure it out.  Needless to say I was embarrassed.  About 5 mins later her teacher saw her and took the spoon away but that didn’t stop her and her friend from putting lipstick on, giggling with each other, and constantly eyeballing me and smiling.

The next couple of classes she wasn’t in but his last class she was and she happened to sit right in front of me.  I’m thinking great this is really going to be uncomfortable and what happens if she says something and I turn her down then she gets mad and claims I said something when I really didn’t?  Then I’m really in trouble.  So I’m just praying she doesn’t talk to me.  True to form, she continues to look over her shoulder at me.  At one point her teacher asked her a question and she couldn’t answer, that’s when her teacher said that if she had her textbook open and wasn’t constantly turning around in her seat she would know the answer.  Now I’m really embarrassed because that means the teacher saw her constantly staring at me.

Needless to say when school was over I got the Hell out of there.  I know what it’s like to be a teen and like an older adult but I never did what she did to show it.  I went home and was totally freaked out and told my wife.  Of course she laughed at me but for me that has never happened before by a kid.  By adult women, yes but never by a 13 year old girl or even a 16 or 17 year old girl.  I think to this day I am still traumatized by that.

Hot For Teacher

hot for teacher

hot for teacher (Photo credit: alandberning)

Okay, let’s be honest.  How many of you have ever had a crush on one of your teachers?  Now I’m not talking college, I’m talking before that, high school, jr. high, middle school, etc.  Raise your hand, the one your not masturbating with.  Now how many of you actually had sex with one of your teachers?  Probably a fewer number there but I bet those who didn’t sure with they had.  I’ll tell you I had a major crush on my 2nd grade teacher and in 11th grade up until she got me suspended for 3 days I wanted to bang my computer teacher and I would have too.

So with all of us who had crushes on our teachers or even the lucky ones who actually got to sleep with them, why is it that some of you (I exclude myself) get so upset when you hear in the news about this teacher being arrested for sleeping with that student.  This student got that teacher pregnant, so on and so on.  Everyone acts like it’s such a vile thing and they would NEVER do something like that when they were a 16 yr old or 17 yr old horny teenager even though you just admitted you would or did.  To me it’s a little hypocritical.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately, and based on my own personal past, I have always had a strong hatred for child molesters I didn’t care if the teenager consented or not, the adult new better.  Well that hatred hasn’t really changed but my thought process on the teenagers have.  In most states, 16 and consenting is legal.  So if that is the case then why should I be upset that they had sex with their teacher or any adult for that matter?  They made the choice, they said yes, they wanted too, they were in love, lust, whatever.  I can’t say it’s wrong because legally it’s okay.  Because they happen to be their teacher is what makes it not okay because teachers have a law that they can’t sleep with students but the age thing is not a factor.

On top of that, like I already admitted, I had a crush on several teachers myself and if I had the opportunity to sleep with them I would have in a heartbeat.  So do I have a right to be upset about a 16 or 17 yr old sleeping with their teacher?  Living out every kids fantasy?  No I don’t have that right.  So when I hear these stories, I have to just sit back and say “Damn, go kid, you lucky dog” “Too bad you got caught” because if I were 16 or 17 and in that situation and my teacher said she wanted to have sex with me, you know damn well I would have tore that shit up 6-ways to Sunday.

So I say, when we hear these stories on the news maybe we need to step back and think about when we were their age and the teachers we had crushes on before we go condemning them to Hell.  Now don’t take this the wrong way I am still against child molestation and sexual abuse.  Those under 16 even if they did consent and those babies who do not consent but are sexually assaulted by adults should not be tolerated and those sick individuals should be hung from a tree by their balls or tits if its a woman then covered in honey and lowered into an ant pile then tied to a tree under a hornets nest while the nest is knocked down and what other torturous things you can think of.  As for that 16 or 17 yr old student living out his or her fantasy by sleeping with that hot teacher or other adult well kid, I envy you, your doing what I never had the chance to do.

School’s Out For Christmas

University of Phoenix Megascreen

University of Phoenix Megascreen (Photo credit: gr8matt)

Yep, my last day of class was this past Monday and I don’t start my next class until 8 Jan 2013.  So I have a 2 week breather from my college courses, THANK YOU dear lord, baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothing.

The class I just finished was Fundamentals of Business Systems Development.  We had a team project for our last week which was submitted on Monday.  Now as of right now I have a 100 in this class and considering the fact that the class prior was Business Systems and I got a C- in it, I’m doing about 400 percent better then what I expected to do in this class.  So hopefully I can keep with the trend and when the final grade is given out at the end of the week it will still be a 100.

Come 8 Jan I will be starting Project Planning & Implementation so we’ll see how well that class goes.  Right now I’m just happy for the break.  I’m taking my classes on-line through University of Phoenix and they are every 5 weeks and there are no breaks between classes, not even one day.  So I have been going non-stop since February.  Still have another year and a half to go before I am done and can say I have my bachelors but it will be worth it in the long run.

So this is your Captain, signing off.  Until next time.