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American Whiners


I’m sure after reading this there will be some who delete me, some who bash me, and some who agree with me but with everything going on the last few days since the election I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

I find a few things to be just absolutely ridiculous and I’ll start with everyone saying if Trump win’s they will leave the country.  Well he won.  When are you leaving?  I don’t see any of the headlines saying all those famous people left.  Why?  Because they were talking out their asses.  If any do leave after posting this then I say good riddance, America doesn’t need you anyway.  America needs people who, despite the outcome of the election, is willing to come together and work to heal this divided nation not turn their back on it.

Second, we truly have become a nation of self-obsessed, self-entitled, my way is right and everyone who doesn’t agree is wrong, whiny ass babies.  I say this because, I have seen first-hand how people feel they are entitled to everything without working for anything.  Their phone is in front of their faces every minute they are awake, posting selfies every 6 seconds, then deleting them if they don’t get a certain amount of likes in a certain amount of time.  Then comes election night.  I have lived through a lot of elections, this was a major upset for a lot of people.  It was also a historic election.  However, never have I seen a bunch of people so upset that when the person they backed didn’t win, that they actually cried over it.  Come the fuck on, are you fucking serious?  You’re crying?  There’s no crying during elections.  Your candidate lost, so the fuck what.  Get over it.  Is it upsetting sure but to cry over it, give me a fucking break.

When you support a candidate it’s not about supporting someone based on whether they are male, female, or transgender, it’s not about supporting them because they are African American, Caucasian, Chinese American, American Indian, and so on.  Those should never be a factor as to why you back someone for president.  You should be backing a candidate because their ideals, their policies, and their vision for America either matches or is similar to your own vision.  Because their platform is similar to the platform you support.

People want change.  They showed that by voting Trump because he represented that change, otherwise he would not have won.  This was the American people speaking.  Those who voted for Clinton lost, it’s that simple.  You pick yourself up and move one.  Whining and bitching about it does nothing to change that.

I say all that to say this.  Since the elections there has been protesting and riots.  People disrespecting our Nations flag by burning it.  People saying he’s not their president.  Well guess what people.  You are an American citizen right?  Well he is the President-elect so if you remain in the country and you are an American citizen then he is your president whether you like it or not.  There is nothing you can do to change that fact.  These are the same people who, when Obama was elected President both times, said “He’s your President, you need to support him and give him a chance, not trash him”.  Apparently that only applies when their candidate wins because now they are doing the exact opposite.  Instead of practicing what they preach because the Republican candidate was elected, this time they are doing the total opposite.  Apparently what they said only applies to those who don’t agree with their point of view.  The fact that people are rioting and protesting proves our country has become a country of whiny ass babies who think their way of thinking is the right way and if anyone disagrees they are wrong and when they don’t get their way the only thing to do is throw a temper tantrum.

Some don’t even know why they are protesting, they just are because everyone else is.  CNN tried interviewing a young woman, early 20’s, at one of the “protests” and asked her why she was protesting, her response “because she felt Clinton was the better choice because of her stance on health care.” she went on to say “When I was little I benefited from her health care act she passed”.  Well the reporter quickly corrected her by informing her that Clinton never got her health care act passed.  There was no way she could have benefited from it.  Her response “Well, uh, cause I love her and think she is great” then quickly moved away from the camera. This is the kind of crap I’m talking about.  If your going to protest something, make damn sure you know what your protesting, why your protesting it, and that it is something that your protest can actually have an affect on.  Don’t just go out and protest cause you think it’s the hip thing to do.  Protests should always be peaceful as well.  What good does bringing violence into a protest do?  Your only hurting yourself, those around you, and your cause.  What good does burning down your own city where you live and destroying and looting the stores of hardworking owners who built their lives around these stores do?  Your only hurting your city and it’s economic state.  You help no one by becoming violent during your protests.

Over the past 8 years, we have become a divided nation.  Not just divided among racial lines but divided on work ethics, morals, and the difference between what we are entitled too, what we have a right too, and what we have a responsibility too.  We have forgotten our place in society and decided to put ourselves above others.  Instead of supporting our police we bash them, forgetting they are the ones who protect us from those who would rob us, beat us, or try to harm us or our loved ones.  We as a country have truly lost our perspective and our way.  Our compass no longer points True North.

I hear people complaining about illegal immigrants being deported.  THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY PEOPLE.  They are taking jobs from American citizens and doing them for less cash.  They aren’t paying any taxes and they are getting free health care.  Our tax dollars are paying for them to be here.  People, our country was founded by immigrants.  It’s a country people look to, if they want to build a better future for their families.  It’s also a country that has laws and to enter this country you must do it the right way, you must get your work visa or green card and become an American Citizen.  You come here illegally and get caught you’re going to be deported.  My ancestry is filled with immigrants who came here legally from all over the world like Ireland, Eastern Europe, England, Germany, Canada, and there are even Native America Indians in my blood line, one who fought during the Civil War.  Suffice to say I feel totally justified in speaking on immigration as my ancestors were immigrants themselves.  So to make my point,  I would never let a family I do not know move into my house, knowing they are working, not pay any rent, eat all my food, use my first aid supplies, my utilities, my dishes, my furniture, and never contribute in any way.  Well America is our home and for the majority of Americans we don’t know these illegal immigrants.  If they love it so much and want to live here, why not enter the country legally and become an American citizen?  What’s the malfunction here?  Maybe because they lose all the free stuff they are getting?  Maybe because now they have to start paying taxes just like everyone else?  We have rules and laws for a reason and they must be followed or we will continue to have terrorist sneaking into our country and attacking us like in San Bernardino, CA and Orlando, FL.

This election brought up a lot of issues that people have concerns about from health care to national security.  Now that it is over it is up to us as American citizens, as a Nation to come together, to find common ground, and to move forward.  It is up to us to choose not to be racist, it is up to us to be accepting of sexual orientation and identification.  It is up to us to decide what we want our government to do for us, what bills we want our government to pass.  It is not up to the government to decide that for us.  That’s just being lazy and pushing the responsibility off to someone else.  There is more of us then there are politicians on Capitol Hill.  We make the decisions, not them.  We decide to move forward as a nation or stay divided and riot and protest over something we can’t change.

We have a choice America and so far, the days following this election many have been making the wrong choice.  They have decided division is better than unity.  I for one choose a United States of America over a Divided States of America.  I choose to move forwards in unity not backwards by protesting a lost cause.

Those are my thoughts.