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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier

the-walking-dead-season-7Wow what an episode.  The premier of season 7 for The Walking Dead was brutal and emotional to say the least. So I thought I would put down to words some things I noticed after re-watching the episode and talk about some things that should be coming and make some comparisons to the comic.  SOOOOOO if you have not watched it yet or don’t want to know what happened in the comic do NOT read further because there could be potential spoilers ahead.

First off what I noticed in this episode.

  • In the opening sequence where they show the actors names and music, they show a fireplace and in it is an iron.  In the comics, Negan uses an iron to burn the side of the faces of those who get out of line, like he did with Dwight, so we will most likely be seeing him use that iron later on in the season.
  • After that in the opening sequence they show Rick’s axe and it is bloody.  Now in the comics the Governor cut off Ricks hand.  In the show Rick still has both hands, however, in this episode they make you think Negan may be the one who will finally chop it off but then they flip the script on us and make you think he is going to have Rick cut off Carl’s hand instead before he stops him.  The fact that it is bloody in the opening sequence and when Rick gets the axe for Negan off the top of the RV and Negan lets him back in and wipes it off and gives it back to Rick saying “I think your gonna need it.  I just got a feeling.  So take it”, he said it in a way that tells me it still gets used in some fashion this season.  Either Rick is still going to lose his hand by Negan or they are going to switch it up and Rick is going to cut of Negan’s hand instead.  This is just my theory.  Everything they put in the opening sequence always has a significance.
  • Before Abraham died he gave Sasha the peace sign.  This was something the two of them would give each other that had multiple meanings.  1) everything is going to be okay, and 2) that they cared for each other without having to actually say it.
  • When Rick is on the roof of the RV Negan says “I bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner living happily ever after.  No it doesn’t work like that Rick, not any more, think about what happened.”  Then at the end you have the dream sequence of them all sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner, Glenn’s child is in his lap, and Sasha looks like she might be pregnant.  Now they are telling you in that dream sequence Maggie is having a boy but are they also telling us Sasha is pregnant with Abraham’s child and doesn’t know it yet or was it just that a what might have been thought?  Remember before Negan’s men caught them driving in the RV he and Sasha were talking and they both said they felt they could have what Glenn and Maggie have and could start a family.
  • When Dwight asked Negan if he wanted him to kill Daryl and he said “No you don’t kill that, not till you try a little” I believe he is referencing fighting Daryl.  Daryl had just popped Negan really hard in the jaw and I think he was saying that Dwight doesn’t get to kill him till he has felt his punch himself.  So it is my opinion that he is planning on pitting the two of them against each other in some sort of cage fight or something to that effect.
  • When Negan hits Glenn with the bat what he looks like with the ye popping out and his head caved in is scene for scene from the comic.
  • When Glenn says “Maggie I’ll find you” after Negan hits him in the head with the bat, I think that has multiple meanings.  First when they got separated at the prison and he was with Tara and headed to Terminus he made a similar comment and when he did find her she burned his picture of her saying he would never need a photo of her again (which I think was foreshadowing that he wouldn’t need it because he would eventually be dead) the second meaning I think was that they were soul mates and even in death his spirit would find her and help guide her.
  • Then when Negan’s men are leaving you see them taking a Polaroid of Glenn which goes back to when they snuck into the building to kill Negan’s men and Glenn made his first human kill and he saw all the Polaroid’s on the wall of the bashed heads.  That was also foreshadowing Glenn’s death and then this episode them closing the loop with his picture being taken.

Now for some comic insight and my thoughts on what is too come.  In the comics Andrea is alive.  Carol died at the prison and Sofia is still alive.  When they get to Alexandria Andrea and Rick become an item.  Maggie takes over Hilltop and Michone for a brief time hooks up with King Ezekiel.  A new threat, The Whisperers also come into play as well, a group who hid among the zombies by wearing zombie skins who their leader a woman named Alpha has a daughter who ends up staying with the Alexandrian’s then going with Carl to the Hilltop.

Now for the show, Andrea and Sofia are dead, Rick and Michone are an item, Carol is alive and they have set it up for Maggie to go back to Hilltop to take over as their leader.  I believe Carol is going to take Michone’s role in the comic and hook up with Ezekiel.  If you look at IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 5 it says Carl and Enid head to the Hilltop.  Is Enid Alpha’s daughter and what they showed about her parent’s dying a false story or are they switching it up again.  Also on IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 6 it says a mysterious new group is introduced and the picture is that of zombies but if you look close it looks more like people wearing zombie skins.  The Whisperers!  It’s earlier than what I expected but hey.


Finally to address a few things I noticed people saying about the first episode and trying to be sympathetic at the same time.  This episode was tragic, brutal, and emotional.  Those of us who have followed it since season one, we grow attached to characters, and those of us who read the comics have some insight as well as what to expect.  Even still reading the comic and seeing it on the show are two different things.  You know it’s coming but don’t want it to at the same time.  With that said, it’s still a great show and you have to accept the fact that at some point your favorite characters are going to die.  This is the zombie apocalypse.  Not everyone is going to live forever.  A lot of people got really pissed about the brutality of the episode or the fact Glenn died and said they would never watch it again or said they were rage quitting the show.  WHY?  It’s just a show.  Sure we love these characters but it is just a show and it is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SHOW.  PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE at some point.  If it were real and if anyone has read my blogs you know I believe someday it will happen, the truth is out there, your friends and family aren’t all going to live forever.  There will be some who die by either zombies or those living who have taken advantage of no rules and no laws.  Are you going to rage quit life because your best friend or your husband had their head bashed in with a bat or was torn apart by zombies?  Not how real life works people.  Now this is a show and not real life so lets treat it as such.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect people to die to include your favorites and accept it and admit, despite the devastating loss of the characters we love, it is still an awesome show.


Sunshine Award


I want to thank Karen for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  This means a lot and if you don’t already follow her I highly recommend it, she always has great posts.  I know it’s been 3 weeks and I’ve only done one post, I’ll admit I have been lazy, sorry people, I get going here soon I promise, starting with a wedding post, my step-son’s 16 B-day, and my anniversary.  I am currently at work so I don’t have time to go through and find people to nominate but I will go through and answer the questions real fast.

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And here is my Q & A:

  • What is my favorite color:  Blue
  • What is my favorite animal: Cats
  • What is my favorite number:  69 for obvious reasons
  • What is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage:  Sweat tea
  • What is my favorite alcoholic beverage:  Crown and coke
  • Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook
  • What are my passions:  Reading, writing (though I haven’t been doing it much lately, movies, cooking, zombies, and my wife and kids.
  • Do I prefer giving or receiving gifts:  Both
  • What is my favorite city:  I don’t really have one
  • What are my favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead

It’s Been A Year

Anniversary Trouble

Anniversary Trouble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So WordPress informed me yesterday that I have been on here blogging for 1 year.  I can’t believe that it has really been that long since I first started this blog.  I can say there have been some ups and some downs as I chronicle what comes into my brain and I want to thank each and everyone one of you who follow me, like my posts, and even comment.  I didn’t know where I would go with this when I started and it’s been a great ride and for the next year I think I’ll just keep my eyes closed, hands off the wheel, and foot on the pedal and see where I go for the next year.  I also want to thank my wife for encouraging me and supporting me, even grammar checking me.

Thanks again everyone for being here for me this past year.


The Beautiful Blogger Award


Well http://theeclecticeccentricshopaholic.wordpress.com nominated for several awards.  The reality award, The versitile blogger award, and the beautiful blogger award.  She said we could accept them all or pick one, since I have gotten the others a number of times I chose to accept the beautiful blogger award.  I want to thank her very much for this, she has an amazing blog that everyone should check out.

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Showing Support

First I want to say thanks to everyone who follows my blog and supports me.  I appreciate it, because you are the ones who make it all worth doing.  So keep looking, keep liking, keep rating, and keep commenting, I will always reply back.  Because you are so kind to support me and my blog I thought I would do the same and dedicate this blog to you.  Now, I can’t possibly put everyone on here so if you’re not mentioned, I do apologize I will try to endorse you on the next one.  I also hope by me endorsing your site on here that I by no means upset or offend anyone, because that is not my intent.  I am here to give praise to your site and hopefully bring more people to them.


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