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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier

the-walking-dead-season-7Wow what an episode.  The premier of season 7 for The Walking Dead was brutal and emotional to say the least. So I thought I would put down to words some things I noticed after re-watching the episode and talk about some things that should be coming and make some comparisons to the comic.  SOOOOOO if you have not watched it yet or don’t want to know what happened in the comic do NOT read further because there could be potential spoilers ahead.

First off what I noticed in this episode.

  • In the opening sequence where they show the actors names and music, they show a fireplace and in it is an iron.  In the comics, Negan uses an iron to burn the side of the faces of those who get out of line, like he did with Dwight, so we will most likely be seeing him use that iron later on in the season.
  • After that in the opening sequence they show Rick’s axe and it is bloody.  Now in the comics the Governor cut off Ricks hand.  In the show Rick still has both hands, however, in this episode they make you think Negan may be the one who will finally chop it off but then they flip the script on us and make you think he is going to have Rick cut off Carl’s hand instead before he stops him.  The fact that it is bloody in the opening sequence and when Rick gets the axe for Negan off the top of the RV and Negan lets him back in and wipes it off and gives it back to Rick saying “I think your gonna need it.  I just got a feeling.  So take it”, he said it in a way that tells me it still gets used in some fashion this season.  Either Rick is still going to lose his hand by Negan or they are going to switch it up and Rick is going to cut of Negan’s hand instead.  This is just my theory.  Everything they put in the opening sequence always has a significance.
  • Before Abraham died he gave Sasha the peace sign.  This was something the two of them would give each other that had multiple meanings.  1) everything is going to be okay, and 2) that they cared for each other without having to actually say it.
  • When Rick is on the roof of the RV Negan says “I bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner living happily ever after.  No it doesn’t work like that Rick, not any more, think about what happened.”  Then at the end you have the dream sequence of them all sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner, Glenn’s child is in his lap, and Sasha looks like she might be pregnant.  Now they are telling you in that dream sequence Maggie is having a boy but are they also telling us Sasha is pregnant with Abraham’s child and doesn’t know it yet or was it just that a what might have been thought?  Remember before Negan’s men caught them driving in the RV he and Sasha were talking and they both said they felt they could have what Glenn and Maggie have and could start a family.
  • When Dwight asked Negan if he wanted him to kill Daryl and he said “No you don’t kill that, not till you try a little” I believe he is referencing fighting Daryl.  Daryl had just popped Negan really hard in the jaw and I think he was saying that Dwight doesn’t get to kill him till he has felt his punch himself.  So it is my opinion that he is planning on pitting the two of them against each other in some sort of cage fight or something to that effect.
  • When Negan hits Glenn with the bat what he looks like with the ye popping out and his head caved in is scene for scene from the comic.
  • When Glenn says “Maggie I’ll find you” after Negan hits him in the head with the bat, I think that has multiple meanings.  First when they got separated at the prison and he was with Tara and headed to Terminus he made a similar comment and when he did find her she burned his picture of her saying he would never need a photo of her again (which I think was foreshadowing that he wouldn’t need it because he would eventually be dead) the second meaning I think was that they were soul mates and even in death his spirit would find her and help guide her.
  • Then when Negan’s men are leaving you see them taking a Polaroid of Glenn which goes back to when they snuck into the building to kill Negan’s men and Glenn made his first human kill and he saw all the Polaroid’s on the wall of the bashed heads.  That was also foreshadowing Glenn’s death and then this episode them closing the loop with his picture being taken.

Now for some comic insight and my thoughts on what is too come.  In the comics Andrea is alive.  Carol died at the prison and Sofia is still alive.  When they get to Alexandria Andrea and Rick become an item.  Maggie takes over Hilltop and Michone for a brief time hooks up with King Ezekiel.  A new threat, The Whisperers also come into play as well, a group who hid among the zombies by wearing zombie skins who their leader a woman named Alpha has a daughter who ends up staying with the Alexandrian’s then going with Carl to the Hilltop.

Now for the show, Andrea and Sofia are dead, Rick and Michone are an item, Carol is alive and they have set it up for Maggie to go back to Hilltop to take over as their leader.  I believe Carol is going to take Michone’s role in the comic and hook up with Ezekiel.  If you look at IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 5 it says Carl and Enid head to the Hilltop.  Is Enid Alpha’s daughter and what they showed about her parent’s dying a false story or are they switching it up again.  Also on IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 6 it says a mysterious new group is introduced and the picture is that of zombies but if you look close it looks more like people wearing zombie skins.  The Whisperers!  It’s earlier than what I expected but hey.


Finally to address a few things I noticed people saying about the first episode and trying to be sympathetic at the same time.  This episode was tragic, brutal, and emotional.  Those of us who have followed it since season one, we grow attached to characters, and those of us who read the comics have some insight as well as what to expect.  Even still reading the comic and seeing it on the show are two different things.  You know it’s coming but don’t want it to at the same time.  With that said, it’s still a great show and you have to accept the fact that at some point your favorite characters are going to die.  This is the zombie apocalypse.  Not everyone is going to live forever.  A lot of people got really pissed about the brutality of the episode or the fact Glenn died and said they would never watch it again or said they were rage quitting the show.  WHY?  It’s just a show.  Sure we love these characters but it is just a show and it is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SHOW.  PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE at some point.  If it were real and if anyone has read my blogs you know I believe someday it will happen, the truth is out there, your friends and family aren’t all going to live forever.  There will be some who die by either zombies or those living who have taken advantage of no rules and no laws.  Are you going to rage quit life because your best friend or your husband had their head bashed in with a bat or was torn apart by zombies?  Not how real life works people.  Now this is a show and not real life so lets treat it as such.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect people to die to include your favorites and accept it and admit, despite the devastating loss of the characters we love, it is still an awesome show.


The Zombie Bees Are Here

Zombie Bees

Well it’s finally happened.  The Zombie Bees are here and they are now starting to invade the east coast of the U.S.  First there were the Zombie Ants which I’m pretty sure I have already blogged about in the past now this.  I’m telling you the zombie virus is pressing hard to make an explosive takeover and when it does it won’t be pretty.

The zombie bee was first seen in 2008 and then in Nov of last year was spotted in a bee keepers hive in Vermont.  What happens is a fly called Apocephalus borealis attaches itself to the bee and injects its eggs, which grow inside the bee.  Scientists believe it causes neurological damage resulting in erratic, jerky movement and night activity, “like a zombie,”

It is said that it would be a “game changer” if these flies could hatch from dead bees and complete their life cycle inside the hive.  it would be another nail in the coffin for honeybees in the northern hemisphere”  Personally I don’t see this as a bad thing, I don’t like bees they are demons and should be exterminated anyway but this is just another example in a long line of examples that the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Just Around The Corner


In Jul 2013 a story came out about a pandemic among seals.  Earlier that winter officials found 162 dead harbor seals and thought it was a pneumonia outbreak.  But investigations found that not to be true.  They found the seals had a new mutated influenza A virus.  The fact that it can be transferred from a bird to a mammal with the high mortality rate it has raised concerns for humans.  Because it is in seals it is considered the “Seal Flu”.  It was stated there is a 70 percent chance of it moving from the seals to humans.  Ebola, Hepatitis C, other flus, HIV are like this to name a few.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, influenza A viruses have been known to infect seals, ducks, chickens, pigs, whales, and horses.  Each year the flu changes, it has hundreds of different strains.  The H1N1 has changed as well and becoming as common as the flu.  With all these viruses mutating and now influenza a effecting mammals and the high number of people who get the flu shot which has numerous side effects itself in a large number of people, it’s only a matter of time before another pandemic hits humans, we see thousands of people die and then start seeing thousands of the walking dead.  It’s only prudent of us to start preparing now, stock up on water, canned foods, just as you would for a hurricane, get a few good guns with plenty of ammo and knives, machetes or even some sort of sword to protect yourself when the inevitable happens.

Zombies Are Walking In Indonesia

Normally a corpse is being carried to the grave but in Toraja, Indonesia, the corpse is woken up letting it walk to its own grave.  The process used is black magic.  To the locals zombies are a part of everyday life and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to become one.  There are certain individuals who possess the ability to make the dead walk and according to tradition, a person must be buried in the village where they were born, and if that doesn’t happen, reanimation specialists help them to get back to their proper resting place.  One reason behind this was because the villages of Tana Toraja were extremely isolated and difficult to visit and this way the relatives were spared having to carry the corpse.


According to the belief systems, the spirit of the dead must return to their village of origin.  Their relatives are there to guide them on their journey into the after-life after the ceremonies are complete.  The corpse would walk stiffly, expressionless.  If anyone addressed the dead they would fall down senseless unable to continue.  So the accompanying relatives have to warn people they meet not to talk directly to the dead.

Zombie 2

Now a-days roads are better and traveling is easier and the corpses are moved through conventional means.  They still perform the ritual on animals though.  At the funerals, it’s common for the people to sacrifice cattle and after the head is separated from the body, they make the dead animal rise and walk for as long as 10 minutes.

Zombie 3

It’s All Based On Fear

international zombie hunting permit

What’s our fascination with zombies?  For some it’s the gore, others it’s the fact that somewhere in the back of our minds there is a small possibility it could happen.  The fact is, it already has happened.  In all, it’s based on fear.  I bought the World War Z bluray and watched the special features and they mentioned that no matter why we watch, believe, or prepare for zombies the underlying reason is fear.  Fear that it could happen, fear of how we will survive, fear of how we will react, fear if we will become one ourselves.  Whether it’s a George A. Romero movie or a Max Brooks book, where they are created from nuclear explosion or a virus, the myth behind zombies or any myth are all based on some fact. 

One instance in history is documented back in the 30’s in Haiti when they would give people a drug that would induce a death-like state subjecting the person to the will of their controller.  They would then use them as slaves until they literally died.  They termed the slaves zombies.  There are other instances documented in the bible as well.  If you look at the basic concept of a zombie it’s the living dead.  Jesus was documented to have brought the dead back to life, thereby those individuals were in essence zombies.  Now they didn’t go around eating people at least not that the bible told us but then again the bible isn’t all inclusive and only told us what it wanted to tell us to spread the word about the works of God and Jesus.

Then there are the zombie ants.  Basically these are ants where a virus takes control of the ant’s brain thereby controlling its functions.  It strategically moves the ant to another location.  It multiplies itself from ant to ant moving them to this other location building its own ant hive totally under the virus’ control.  There are a dozen other stories in past history of zombies but for time sake I will save them for another blog.

If you look at the zombie plague realistically this is how it would happen.  The body would not actually die and come back to life but a virus would take over the human hosts brain then taking over the bodily functions.  Once seizing control of the brain there would be a momentary time where vitals will appear that the body has died but in fact it hasn’t.  The virus has just taken over and taken control over what it needs to function.  With that said because the virus has control the body will start to die and slowly rot. 

Now you may ask why zombies eat people.  Well there are several reasons for this.  First the virus has to spread; it uses the human to spread the virus through fluids like saliva and blood.  The easiest way to do this is biting and breaking the skin or spitting some sort of fluid into an open orifice or wound on the human.  Thus, it is basically copying itself or cloning itself.  The other reason is the virus, like any other living thing it wants to survive and since it has inhabited the human body the only way to do that is to ensure that the host feeds.

Now like any virus it doesn’t have a long lifespan which is why it spreads itself to other hosts.  The average zombie will live about a year before it dies.  This is due to various reasons, wounds to the body, the fact that it is deteriorating as if it is a corpse which lends to the fact that the host is infected with a deadly virus that is basically slowly killing it.  The theory behind shooting a zombie in the head to kill it is true because as stated before the virus lives in the brain.  It is controlling the body through the brains functions.  If you damage the brain and its ability to function the virus can no longer control the host and the zombie immediately dies thus killing the virus as well.

The reason why the zombie apocalypse would last longer than a year is because there are billions of people on the planet.  People will be infected at varying times.  Some will last a year before being infected others a year and a half and some a couple years and so on.  This will also be a worldwide thing.  You have to consider when this first starts the virus will be knew.  It won’t have its true make up down to a science so it may take some time to take control of the brain.  It could start looking like a cold or the flu.  People travel with a cold all the time.  So someone could be infected and travel to another country taking this virus with them.

So in conclusion, even though we like to joke about zombies and read books about them and even watch the movies, remember there have been times all throughout history, times I didn’t go into in this blog, where history records zombies were among us.   Zombies are real and have the potential to happen at any time, all it takes is the right virus at the right time.

The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 163

We made it to Arizona, hitting every settlement in-between we could find showing the notes to their doctors how to create the serum.  We came to a settlement in Arizona, heavily fortified, with several thousand people there.  It was amazing.  We were there for about a week when something happened.  The suit zombie and his horde arrived.  But they didn’t attack.  They stayed about a half a mile out from the settlement.

After about 30 mins he began walking towards the settlement alone, assuming he wanted me, myself and the leader of this settlement walked out to meet him.  Expecting some sort of grunts and moans and hand gestures, we were surprised when he began speaking in a somewhat Italian accent.  Apparently the threat of the new breed of zombie was more of a concern to him then the living were and he was here to make a truce.  He and his kind would stick to eating animals or humans who broke the truce and harmed his kind and we would do the same.  He also proposed we work together to fight the new zombie breed otherwise both living and dead will be doomed.

We agreed and he went back to his pack and we went in to the settlement and quickly sent out messages in form of telegraph, a form of communication used back in the 1800s to all the other settlements.  It wasn’t long before the new zombies were spotted on the horizon.  The suit zombie’s horde quickly got in a defensive position preparing attack.  The rest of us did the same.  The clash of zombies was thunderous.  Dead bodies clashing against each other, dead arms ripped from their bodies, rotting skulls pulled from their necks.  As the new zombies advanced through the suit zombies horde the settlement loaded up their vehicles and took off through the doors.  Bones and skulls were crushed under the wheels.  As our vehicle went through the bulk of the zombies we could feel the wheels spinning against the dead flesh, bones thrown against the under carriage.  It was slowly, slowing down when suddenly it kicked forward like a bone cut loose underneath and the car lurched forward sliding across the dead bodies sideways out of control hitting a boulder and flipping landing on its roof.

As we crawled from the car I grabbed my swords and began cutting the new zombies heads off one by one.  The others were firing as quickly as possible.  The suit zombies horde was cut in half but they were holding their own and slowly taking out the new zombies to our surprise despite being out numbered and out-matched.  Suddenly, a massive new zombie appeared and headed straight for the suit zombie.  He was double his size and grabbed him and threw him at least 10 feet.  The suit zombie rose and ran straight at him tackling him, then thrusting his arm into his chest.  The zombie grabbed his arm and ripped it from the suit zombies body and pulled it out of his chest but then the suit zombie grabbed the zombie by the jaw pushed his head up, bit his throat, ripping half of it off then grabbing his head through the hole and ripped his head off.

The remaining new zombies, low in numbers began to back off after the death of their leader and ran away.  The dead were gathered and buried and the suit zombie and his horde eventually disapeared into the desert.  We continued on after resting up to the other settlements ensuring everyone had the plans for the serum and letting everyone know who hadn’t been notified about the truce with the zombies and the new zombie threat.


The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 145

While at the Costco we were able to replenish our supplies, find a working vehicle in the parking lot and move on.  Before we left though we had another group show up looking to do the same.  There was a really heavy set guy, I’d say at least 350 lbs who went by the name Jonesy, a woman in her mid 30s named Katrina, she had a little girl around 12 yrs old named Silvia, and a black guy in his 40s named Mike.  Mike was a real asshole.  He had some sort of smartass comment to make on everything, he really got on my nerves.  How they all hooked up together I don’t know.  At any rate we decided it would be more benificial if we stuck together, strength in numbers and all that jazz.  We left heading towards California to find some safe havens we heard about and let them know about the serum.

As we were crossing an area outside the cities, an area with large grassy fields on either side of the road which were then surrounded by trees we were attacked by the suit zombie’s zombie army.  Now this is where things got interesting and scary.  They came from all sides surrounding our vehicles.  We ran through any in our way shooting out through the windows but then something new appeared.  A new breed of zombie.  These things were 5x faster then the others.  It was like they had enhanced stamina or something.  I don’t know any human who can run this fast.  Anyway the started attacking the Suit Zombies army, ripping them apart.  Anything or anyone they saw they attacked, too include us.  The other groups vehicle was quickly surrounded by 50 of these new zombies and overturned.  We swung around, shooting them in the head.  Now unlike the others one shot to the head didn’t kill them, it only slowed them down it took 2 sometimes 3 direct hits to the head to stop them.  Katrina and Silvia were the first out of the car, running through an opening they ran towards us and made it in.  As we swung around, Mike had made it out and was on top of the car, or should I say on top of the bottom of the car, blasting away at the zombies.  Jonesy slowly crawled out fighting off the zombies, as we came around to let him in.  Mike jumped from the car, running towards us but within 10 feet of the car he went down.  One of the new zombies bit his neck, clawed his chest then took off after one of the Suit’s zombies.  I watched as he instantly turned, screaming till it turned into a gutteral howl.  As he rose and came for us I quickly planted 3 bullets in his head.  I can say, that felt really good, he was an ass I won’t miss.

We took the opportunity to take off out of there while the zombies were busy fighting each other.  After thinking about the events of that day, these new zombies looked different as if the virus mutated somehow, making the faster and stronger, but more ferral, less intelligent thought, almost like rabies and infection rate was instant.  Our syrum will help against the old zombies but these new ones I don’t think it is going to do anything for.  They attack anything not like them, which included the old zombies and thankfully that lowered the Suit Zombies numbers but I guarantee he will be preparing for them and next time he won’t lose so easily.