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Lost History, A Time To Be Reeducated

I thought I would sit down and write a quick blog to precede my upcoming blogs in an effort to give everyone an idea of what is to come.  I hear a lot of talk in reference our government, political parties, and historical figures in general, mainly from our millennials that has made me realize more than ever that our education system has truly let them and our children who are still in school down.  They talk a lot about the different political parties or historical figures and groups and it has become painfully obvious they know nothing of the true history of our government, the political parties and so on.  There are many factors to blame for this, our government choosing what to teach and what not to teach our children, people like our millennials, but not exclusively them, not doing the proper research before talking about a topic, then talking without all the facts, and us as parents and grand-parents for not correcting them.

With it being the holiday’s of course things will not be coming out daily or weekly but over the course of the next few months I will endeavor to help educate every on those things that aren’t being taught, like how the Democratic party created the KKK in response to Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President, for freeing the slaves, about the first 7 black Americans elected to the U.S. Congress during the period of 1865 to 1877 and how they were all Republican!  How the Republican party used to be a part of the Democratic party, the Democratic – Republican party, then split due to differences in views on state, economic, and minority rights.  All things conveniently left off the Democratic National Committee’s official web page.

I will enlighten everyone on the truth behind the Black Panther Party, the darker side left out when talking about them and unknown to a lot of our younger generation today, as well as many unknown facts about other historical figures such as Christopher Columbus, Paul Revere and so on.

This is not an attempt to cause debate or anger among people but to educate people on historical facts that our government and education system does not inform people of anymore and doesn’t want our people to know about.  It may surprise and even shock a lot of people but ultimately I hope, with an open mind, people walk away a little more enlightened and knowledgeable about our history and our government, further enabling people to have more informed conversations instead of talking about something they know nothing about while using false information and sounding ignorant and foolish.  My first blog in this series will be the history and basic background and principles the Democratic Party was founded on and their overall thought process over the years.

And The President Is….


I was sitting her thinking yesterday about all the people I thought would make good presidents and why and thought I would share them with you.  Every 4 years we get the pleasure of having to choose who we want to run for president then vote for that person.  Sometimes who we want to run doesn’t get chosen for that party sometimes they do.  Then it becomes a 50/50 chance if the person your actually voting for president gets voted in, unfortunately the past two terms I was out-voted but maybe if one of these people had ran it would have been a different story.

The first person on my list is Bill Pullman.  He played the president already in Independence Day so he already knows the stresses that come with the job and having to make the tough choices of war and alien invasions.  Not to mention, his speech he gave just before they went up to fight after planting the virus in the mother ship to which he himself put himself behind the pilot’s seat was, not only moving but one of the most patriotic and uplifting speeches ever.

Morgan Freeman has played the president as well and also knows the pressures of being the president during global disasters not to mention he has that narrator’s voice that is just awesome to listen too.  We can’t forget he’s also played God as well.

Who can forget William Shatner.  “My…Fellow…Amer..i..cans..”  This man’s foreign policy is out of this world.  No one does foreign “relations” like him.  He’d be the first president, beating out ole Bill Clinton, by getting laid on every trip he took to another country in the name of peace.

Gerald Butler!  I mean come on.  He played King Leonidas and led 300 men against thousands of Persians.  He didn’t take any shit from anyone.  This man was a leader and he played him well.

Danny Trejo would just be totally awesome as president.  Could you imagine an ex federal a codenamed Machete as president?  He would totally kick ass.  No one would mess with the U.S.

Bruce Campbell would be another choice of mine.  Shit this man fought the powers of the book of the dead….3 times, even got thrown back to the middle ages once to fight the powers of the book of the dead and prevailed every time.  “Give me some sugar baby”

Michael Douglas is another iconic person who has not only played a president but a cop, a wallstreet savy mogul, and many other rolls and the man likes to get naked.  Bill Clinton set that standard for sex in the White House and I think Michael would fit right in and set that bar even higher.  Hopefully this time they won’t find any boiling bunnies in a pot in the White House kitchen.

Geena Davis is another who played a president on T.V. and though it didn’t do well in the ratings I liked the show and thought she did an awesome job and I would have voted for her not to mention she would have been one sexy president.

Okay this is a last minute update because I thought of it after the fact:

Charlie Sheen and my reason can be described in one word…..WINNING!!!

So that’s my list of presidential hopefuls.  If you have anyone to add I would like to hear them and why you think they would make a good president.

Election Day Freeze

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though this blog is about events that unfolded on election day for myself, I will not be discussing who I voted for or didn’t vote for.  I have found through experience that to many people get pissed when politics is discussed and you disagree with them and refuse to change your mind.  So with that said, it was Election Day yesterday.  Oh Joy.  Can you read my enthusiasm?  NOT!

I get up and go stand in line at the voting area that is literally right around the corner from my apartment.  This seems the logical place to go right?  I live RIGHT beside it.  It is freezing cold, plus the wind is blowing making it that much worse.  I am there for 2 1/2 hours approximately.  Finally my turn, give them my ID, they look and look, call someone else over to look and look.  Ask me if I registered, etc etc.  Finally they say your not supposed to vote here.  You have to go to the library.  It’s after 11am by this time.  WHY THE FUCK TO I HAVE TO GO THE LIBRARY WHEN I LIVE RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD!  I should be able to vote at the closest location.  I’m here NOW,  I want to vote, so my vote won’t count because a nominee can with the popular vote and still lose because it’s the electoral votes that count….okay getting off topic.

So I go to the store, go home.  Then I go to the library.  It’s 1pm.  It’s freezing outside, the wind is blowing.  I’m standing there and finally at 2:30 I get to place my vote that doesn’t count because a person can win the popular vote but still lose the election because it’s the electoral votes that count and in my opinion should be done away with and only the popular vote decide who wins and loses…damn it off topic again.   Sorry.

So anyway I said all of that to say, this system is so screwed up I not only couldn’t vote at the location that was closest to where I lived but I had to stand outside for almost 4 hrs freezing my ass off because it was so cold my balls reseeded back up into my body.  I’m still waiting for them to drop.

Thank you America!

Republican / Democrat Presidential Face-off

I’m not one who likes to engage it political arguements personally.  Everyone has their personal political preferences and they have that right.  People choose their affiliation based on which party best represents their personal views.  I am a Republican and for many reasons and there are many reasons I won’t vote for a democratic president but it mainly boils down to the fact that they don’t support my views and Republican presidents do.  One thing you won’t find me doing is bashing the democratic party as a whole and talk about how they are all dogs or whatever.  Now I will state specific facts about certain presidents I don’t like and defend with facts about presidents I do like.  So I thought I would list a few FACTS here.  These are not arguements or democratic bashing in anyway, just historical facts only.

First a list of what affiliation each of our presidents were associated with.

No Affiliation

George Washington

 Whig Party

William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore

Federalist Party

John Adams


Andrew Johnson

Democratic-Republican Party

Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
John Quincy Adams

Pre-Civil War Democratics

Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
James K. Polk
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan

The Democratic Party split just before the Civil War began; there is only a slight connection between the Pre-Civil War Party and the modern Democratic Party.

Modern Democratic Party Members

Grover Cleveland
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

If you start the list of Democrats with Andrew Jackson, then none of the first six presidents were either Democrat or Republican. Nor of course, were the Whig Presidents WH Harrison, Tyler, Taylor and Fillmore. So ten in all.

Democrats sometimes confuse the issue by claiming to be lineal descendants of Jefferson’s “Democratic Republicans”. If you take that seriously (don’t) then Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and perhaps JQ Adams should be omitted from the list.

Andrew Johnson was elected VP as a “Unionist”, but this was just the Republican Party with a few pro-War Democrats added on, so he doesn’t really count. As president, his administration was entirely Republican.

Republican Presidents

Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Rutherford B. Hayes
James Garfield
Chester A. Arthur
Benjamin Harrison
William McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt
William H. Taft
Warren G. Harding
Calvin Coolidge
Herbert C. Hoover
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Richard M. Nixon
Gerald R. Ford
Ronald W. Reagan
George H. Bush
George W. Bush

Now that are presidents are listed by affiliation lets list some facts about a few of them.  I’m not going to get into all of them and all the facts about them.  I’d be typing forever if I did.  If you want to know more you can google them.

Abraham Lincoln a Republican President freed the Black Slaves of America along with the rest of the Republicans that fought for the North.  The Democrats were for continuing the blacks as slaves even the Democrats that lived in the Northern states.  It was the Confederacy that succeeded from the Union and started the Civil War when Lincoln won the election because they knew Lincoln would push Congress to abolish Slavery in the USA.  Lincoln was the first Republican President.  The Republicans have always been against slavery and for human rights for all races and still are.  As a side note, Shortly before his father was assassinated, Robert Lincoln was at train station where he fell between the platform and the train as the train began to move.  He was pulled to safety by a prominent actor of the time named Edwin Booth.  Edwin was the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who would later assassinate President Lincoln.

Theodore Roosevelt a Republican bought the Panama Canal zone from the French and built the Panama Canal.  Teddy also started the National Park system of the USA and the first National Park in the whole world, was Yellow Stone National Park.  Teddy gave Yellow Stone Park to all citizens of the USA.  Now many countries all over the world have started National Parks.  Republicans were the first party for the environment starting with Teddy.  Teddy also delivered the “Square Deal and regulation of industry”.  This helped the working classes.  BTW it was Jimmy Carter a Democrat President that gave away the Panama Canal zone for nothing.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson a Democrat President led America into WWI.  Warren G. Harding a Republican President led us from WWI into “normalcy”.  President Harding led the country away from Wilsons socialistic views and returned it to the Capitalistic systems and the freedom we all love, with the greatest landslide Presidential election victory in USA history.

Franklin D. Roosevelt a Democrat President led the USA into WWII.  Dwight D. Eisenhower a Republican President as General and Commander of all the Armed forces of the USA led the USA to victory over Germany and Japan so America could keep the freedom we now have.  Roosevelt died before WWII ended but Eisenhower won the war anyways.

Harry S. Truman a Democrat President was vice-President under FDR and took over the Presidency when FDR died in office.  Truman gave away most of Eastern Europe to Russia at the end of WWII.  The USA won the war but Truman was too soft and inexperienced, so Truman faced an international crisis at the end of WWII, he couldn’t handle it and he lost most of Eastern Europe to Russia in negotiations, which started the cold war with Russia. Then just a few years later Truman led the USA into the Korean War.  “The war remained a frustrating stalemate for two years, with over 30,000 Americans killed, until a peace agreement restored borders and ended the conflict.  In the interim, the difficulties in Korea and the popular outcry against Truman’s sacking of MacArthur helped to make the president so unpopular that Democrats started turning to other candidates.”

Lyndon B. Johnson a Democrat President led the USA into the Vietnam War.  Richard Nixon a Republican President led the USA out of Vietnam and ended the Draft. Nixon also opened the doors to trading with China.

Reagan and George Bush both Republican Presidents won the cold war against Russia and freed Eastern Europe, which Truman gave away to Russia, without firing a shot.  They built the “big stick” which included the Military Machine we have today including the Stealth Bombers and fighters, again so we Americans can all be free instead of bowing to a Communist Dictator like Castro or Stalin. Reagan and George Bush also improved the economy to great and new heights that was totally destroyed under Jimmy Carter, a Democrat President, with Carter’s extremely high taxes and the running of the printing presses that caused runaway inflation.  (This is why many see Barack Obama as another Jimmy Carter; it has already been tried in the USA and failed miserably.  This is neither change nor nothing new.  It is just a return to the failed policies of Jimmy Carter)

George Bush also won the Gulf war against Iraq and Sadam Hussein, freeing Kuwait, One of the shortest wars America ever engaged in.

George W. Bush a Republican President has won the war over Sadam Hussein, toppled his radical dictatorship, stopped the terrorism that Sadam’s Regime trained and financed with Al Queda in Iraq.  George W Bush has won that war with the “Surge” and has placed a new Iraq Democracy in the Middle East with hopes to grow that democracy in other countries, thereby ending the Radical Muslim strongholds of Al Queda and others, and bring freedom to the good Muslims that live there.  He took a stand against the tyrannical terrorists, Al Queda after they attacked us in our own country, killing thousands of American citizans and took the fight to them.  The Economy was great under George W Bush for his first six years with only 6% unemployed, but then the Democrats took over Congress and the Senate the last two years, and the economy has went into the tank under the Democrats leadership with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried along with Barny Frank that destroyed it.  The market meltdown all started with subprime loans that Obama and Acorn and Bill Clinton all democrats thought were a good idea.  So Bill Clinton, a Democrat President deregulated the banking system so they would make loans to people who couldn’t qualify nor pay the payments.  And Obama with Acorn pressured those banks to make those subprime loans that caused this market meltdown.

One thing that has gotten under my skin is Obama saying he killed Osama Bin Laden.  I’m sorry but he did not kill him, he gave the order for the Navy Seals to complete their operation to go in and kill him.  It was the Navy Seals who killed Osama Bin Laden, lets give credit where credit is due.  It was also Bush who made the decisioin to go after him in the first place after we were attacked on 9-11 after so many prior attacks that went unpunished under Clinton’s presidency.

In summary:  Did you notice that it was the Democrats:  Wilson that led us into WWI, FDR that led us into WWII, Truman that led us into the Korean War, and LBJ that led us into Vietnam, and all those wars were fought with huge losses of drafted American Soldiers lives.  It was the Republicans that led us out of and won the wars the Democrats put us into and also ended the draft.  The two Bushes won both of their wars with less human losses in comparison.

As, I stated these are just facts, not a bashing of any kind.  Hopefully you enjoyed your history lesson and remember when voting look at the historical data before casting your vote.  One thing I didn’t show was the democrats have a history of downsizing our military and removing our presence in other countries (A VERY BAD THING) which only leaves us vulnerable to attack and cutting pay raises to our already underpaid military members, where as the Republicans have a history of supporting our military and giving higher raises to our military members.