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The Origin and Platform of the American Democratic Party Part I

This is my first blog in a series of blogs to help educate people on the true history of our political parties, government, as well as historical figures.  To bring to light history that has been lost, forgotten, and purposely omitted in our schools to ensure our children do not know the full truth which in doing so prevent them from making truly informed decisions with politics, state rights, individual rights, our countries history, and the truth behind our different cultures and the lies that have been told or rather the truths that have not been told in order to sway our citizens thought processes towards history and matters of race and government.  Furthermore, I want to stress that my political beliefs or bias, and what party I represent play no role in what is written in these forthcoming posts, they are purely for educational purposes only.

It is very apparent today that the Democratic and Republican parties are very much polar opposites with very few party lines that cross a middle ground, but they actually used to be one, single party called the Democratic-Republican Party.  The party was organized by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson in 1791 to stand against the Federalist Party in upcoming elections.  It supported states’ rights and the literal and strict interpretation of the Constitution.  Because of a heightened fear of anything resembling England’s monarchy, they contested elitism.  They hated the Federalists, the wealthy aristocrats who wanted a national bank and increased national governmental power over state governments.  Because of these fears the popularity of the party increased throughout the 1790s.

In 1801, Thomas Jefferson’s election into office successfully brought the Democratic-Republican Party to power.  The Federalist Party lost the majority of support and disbanded after the War of 1812 leaving them without opposition.  However from 1815 to 1832 they started to make mistakes.  They had no pressure from anyone anymore and so States began nominating local electors, with their own personal interest in mind.  The party eventual split up in 1828 into the modern Democratic Party and the Whig Party.  Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren led the Democratic Party along with farmers, urban laborers, and Irish Catholics.  They opposed aristocracy, a national bank and pushed to modernize American industry instead of family-based agriculture.  They also supported the Mexican-American War and expansion into the western territories.  They also opposed anti-immigration legislation and monopolies.  While the Whig Party was not as popular it did have access to more wealth giving to more funding and influence.

In 1848, the Democratic National Committee or DNC was created and General Lewis Cass was nominated for candidacy however he lost to the Whig candidate General Zachary Taylor.  The reason for this win was due to the Free Soil Party of New York.  It was established for one reason and that was to oppose the expansion of slavery into the new western states.  It was made up of both Whig and Democratic members who felt that free men on free soil should remain free.  They also fought for the rights of free men in many Midwest and northern states and because of this division many democrats voted for General Taylor.

In 1850, Democratic members of Congress passed what is known as the Compromise of 1850, which was a set of bills that attempted to prevent civil war over slavery. The Compromise essentially outlawed slavery in the Western states; however, it also included a bill called the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which demanded that slaves who ran away to northern states be returned to their “masters” in the South.

Because of division over issues of slavery and anti-immigration in 1852 the Whig Party disbanded leaving the path for Democrat Franklin Pierce to be elected followed by James Buchanan in 1856.  Those Democrats who opposed slavery eventually left the party and joined those from the Whig Party in the North to form the Republican Party in 1854.

In 1860, the anti-slavery Republican Party had become immensely popular and delivered their message of anti-slavery and how the Democrats were pro-slavery.  This message got Abraham Lincoln elected as the first Republican President.

By the 1900s, the Democratic and Republican parties became the two polar opposite parties we have today.  Despite this it is important to remember they started as the same party with the purpose to create a government that is run for and by its citizens.

This is only the beginning I have plenty more to talk about in regards to the origin and platform of the American Democratic Party.  So stay tuned for future posts.

American Whiners


I’m sure after reading this there will be some who delete me, some who bash me, and some who agree with me but with everything going on the last few days since the election I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

I find a few things to be just absolutely ridiculous and I’ll start with everyone saying if Trump win’s they will leave the country.  Well he won.  When are you leaving?  I don’t see any of the headlines saying all those famous people left.  Why?  Because they were talking out their asses.  If any do leave after posting this then I say good riddance, America doesn’t need you anyway.  America needs people who, despite the outcome of the election, is willing to come together and work to heal this divided nation not turn their back on it.

Second, we truly have become a nation of self-obsessed, self-entitled, my way is right and everyone who doesn’t agree is wrong, whiny ass babies.  I say this because, I have seen first-hand how people feel they are entitled to everything without working for anything.  Their phone is in front of their faces every minute they are awake, posting selfies every 6 seconds, then deleting them if they don’t get a certain amount of likes in a certain amount of time.  Then comes election night.  I have lived through a lot of elections, this was a major upset for a lot of people.  It was also a historic election.  However, never have I seen a bunch of people so upset that when the person they backed didn’t win, that they actually cried over it.  Come the fuck on, are you fucking serious?  You’re crying?  There’s no crying during elections.  Your candidate lost, so the fuck what.  Get over it.  Is it upsetting sure but to cry over it, give me a fucking break.

When you support a candidate it’s not about supporting someone based on whether they are male, female, or transgender, it’s not about supporting them because they are African American, Caucasian, Chinese American, American Indian, and so on.  Those should never be a factor as to why you back someone for president.  You should be backing a candidate because their ideals, their policies, and their vision for America either matches or is similar to your own vision.  Because their platform is similar to the platform you support.

People want change.  They showed that by voting Trump because he represented that change, otherwise he would not have won.  This was the American people speaking.  Those who voted for Clinton lost, it’s that simple.  You pick yourself up and move one.  Whining and bitching about it does nothing to change that.

I say all that to say this.  Since the elections there has been protesting and riots.  People disrespecting our Nations flag by burning it.  People saying he’s not their president.  Well guess what people.  You are an American citizen right?  Well he is the President-elect so if you remain in the country and you are an American citizen then he is your president whether you like it or not.  There is nothing you can do to change that fact.  These are the same people who, when Obama was elected President both times, said “He’s your President, you need to support him and give him a chance, not trash him”.  Apparently that only applies when their candidate wins because now they are doing the exact opposite.  Instead of practicing what they preach because the Republican candidate was elected, this time they are doing the total opposite.  Apparently what they said only applies to those who don’t agree with their point of view.  The fact that people are rioting and protesting proves our country has become a country of whiny ass babies who think their way of thinking is the right way and if anyone disagrees they are wrong and when they don’t get their way the only thing to do is throw a temper tantrum.

Some don’t even know why they are protesting, they just are because everyone else is.  CNN tried interviewing a young woman, early 20’s, at one of the “protests” and asked her why she was protesting, her response “because she felt Clinton was the better choice because of her stance on health care.” she went on to say “When I was little I benefited from her health care act she passed”.  Well the reporter quickly corrected her by informing her that Clinton never got her health care act passed.  There was no way she could have benefited from it.  Her response “Well, uh, cause I love her and think she is great” then quickly moved away from the camera. This is the kind of crap I’m talking about.  If your going to protest something, make damn sure you know what your protesting, why your protesting it, and that it is something that your protest can actually have an affect on.  Don’t just go out and protest cause you think it’s the hip thing to do.  Protests should always be peaceful as well.  What good does bringing violence into a protest do?  Your only hurting yourself, those around you, and your cause.  What good does burning down your own city where you live and destroying and looting the stores of hardworking owners who built their lives around these stores do?  Your only hurting your city and it’s economic state.  You help no one by becoming violent during your protests.

Over the past 8 years, we have become a divided nation.  Not just divided among racial lines but divided on work ethics, morals, and the difference between what we are entitled too, what we have a right too, and what we have a responsibility too.  We have forgotten our place in society and decided to put ourselves above others.  Instead of supporting our police we bash them, forgetting they are the ones who protect us from those who would rob us, beat us, or try to harm us or our loved ones.  We as a country have truly lost our perspective and our way.  Our compass no longer points True North.

I hear people complaining about illegal immigrants being deported.  THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY PEOPLE.  They are taking jobs from American citizens and doing them for less cash.  They aren’t paying any taxes and they are getting free health care.  Our tax dollars are paying for them to be here.  People, our country was founded by immigrants.  It’s a country people look to, if they want to build a better future for their families.  It’s also a country that has laws and to enter this country you must do it the right way, you must get your work visa or green card and become an American Citizen.  You come here illegally and get caught you’re going to be deported.  My ancestry is filled with immigrants who came here legally from all over the world like Ireland, Eastern Europe, England, Germany, Canada, and there are even Native America Indians in my blood line, one who fought during the Civil War.  Suffice to say I feel totally justified in speaking on immigration as my ancestors were immigrants themselves.  So to make my point,  I would never let a family I do not know move into my house, knowing they are working, not pay any rent, eat all my food, use my first aid supplies, my utilities, my dishes, my furniture, and never contribute in any way.  Well America is our home and for the majority of Americans we don’t know these illegal immigrants.  If they love it so much and want to live here, why not enter the country legally and become an American citizen?  What’s the malfunction here?  Maybe because they lose all the free stuff they are getting?  Maybe because now they have to start paying taxes just like everyone else?  We have rules and laws for a reason and they must be followed or we will continue to have terrorist sneaking into our country and attacking us like in San Bernardino, CA and Orlando, FL.

This election brought up a lot of issues that people have concerns about from health care to national security.  Now that it is over it is up to us as American citizens, as a Nation to come together, to find common ground, and to move forward.  It is up to us to choose not to be racist, it is up to us to be accepting of sexual orientation and identification.  It is up to us to decide what we want our government to do for us, what bills we want our government to pass.  It is not up to the government to decide that for us.  That’s just being lazy and pushing the responsibility off to someone else.  There is more of us then there are politicians on Capitol Hill.  We make the decisions, not them.  We decide to move forward as a nation or stay divided and riot and protest over something we can’t change.

We have a choice America and so far, the days following this election many have been making the wrong choice.  They have decided division is better than unity.  I for one choose a United States of America over a Divided States of America.  I choose to move forwards in unity not backwards by protesting a lost cause.

Those are my thoughts.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier

the-walking-dead-season-7Wow what an episode.  The premier of season 7 for The Walking Dead was brutal and emotional to say the least. So I thought I would put down to words some things I noticed after re-watching the episode and talk about some things that should be coming and make some comparisons to the comic.  SOOOOOO if you have not watched it yet or don’t want to know what happened in the comic do NOT read further because there could be potential spoilers ahead.

First off what I noticed in this episode.

  • In the opening sequence where they show the actors names and music, they show a fireplace and in it is an iron.  In the comics, Negan uses an iron to burn the side of the faces of those who get out of line, like he did with Dwight, so we will most likely be seeing him use that iron later on in the season.
  • After that in the opening sequence they show Rick’s axe and it is bloody.  Now in the comics the Governor cut off Ricks hand.  In the show Rick still has both hands, however, in this episode they make you think Negan may be the one who will finally chop it off but then they flip the script on us and make you think he is going to have Rick cut off Carl’s hand instead before he stops him.  The fact that it is bloody in the opening sequence and when Rick gets the axe for Negan off the top of the RV and Negan lets him back in and wipes it off and gives it back to Rick saying “I think your gonna need it.  I just got a feeling.  So take it”, he said it in a way that tells me it still gets used in some fashion this season.  Either Rick is still going to lose his hand by Negan or they are going to switch it up and Rick is going to cut of Negan’s hand instead.  This is just my theory.  Everything they put in the opening sequence always has a significance.
  • Before Abraham died he gave Sasha the peace sign.  This was something the two of them would give each other that had multiple meanings.  1) everything is going to be okay, and 2) that they cared for each other without having to actually say it.
  • When Rick is on the roof of the RV Negan says “I bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner living happily ever after.  No it doesn’t work like that Rick, not any more, think about what happened.”  Then at the end you have the dream sequence of them all sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner, Glenn’s child is in his lap, and Sasha looks like she might be pregnant.  Now they are telling you in that dream sequence Maggie is having a boy but are they also telling us Sasha is pregnant with Abraham’s child and doesn’t know it yet or was it just that a what might have been thought?  Remember before Negan’s men caught them driving in the RV he and Sasha were talking and they both said they felt they could have what Glenn and Maggie have and could start a family.
  • When Dwight asked Negan if he wanted him to kill Daryl and he said “No you don’t kill that, not till you try a little” I believe he is referencing fighting Daryl.  Daryl had just popped Negan really hard in the jaw and I think he was saying that Dwight doesn’t get to kill him till he has felt his punch himself.  So it is my opinion that he is planning on pitting the two of them against each other in some sort of cage fight or something to that effect.
  • When Negan hits Glenn with the bat what he looks like with the ye popping out and his head caved in is scene for scene from the comic.
  • When Glenn says “Maggie I’ll find you” after Negan hits him in the head with the bat, I think that has multiple meanings.  First when they got separated at the prison and he was with Tara and headed to Terminus he made a similar comment and when he did find her she burned his picture of her saying he would never need a photo of her again (which I think was foreshadowing that he wouldn’t need it because he would eventually be dead) the second meaning I think was that they were soul mates and even in death his spirit would find her and help guide her.
  • Then when Negan’s men are leaving you see them taking a Polaroid of Glenn which goes back to when they snuck into the building to kill Negan’s men and Glenn made his first human kill and he saw all the Polaroid’s on the wall of the bashed heads.  That was also foreshadowing Glenn’s death and then this episode them closing the loop with his picture being taken.

Now for some comic insight and my thoughts on what is too come.  In the comics Andrea is alive.  Carol died at the prison and Sofia is still alive.  When they get to Alexandria Andrea and Rick become an item.  Maggie takes over Hilltop and Michone for a brief time hooks up with King Ezekiel.  A new threat, The Whisperers also come into play as well, a group who hid among the zombies by wearing zombie skins who their leader a woman named Alpha has a daughter who ends up staying with the Alexandrian’s then going with Carl to the Hilltop.

Now for the show, Andrea and Sofia are dead, Rick and Michone are an item, Carol is alive and they have set it up for Maggie to go back to Hilltop to take over as their leader.  I believe Carol is going to take Michone’s role in the comic and hook up with Ezekiel.  If you look at IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 5 it says Carl and Enid head to the Hilltop.  Is Enid Alpha’s daughter and what they showed about her parent’s dying a false story or are they switching it up again.  Also on IMDB in the synopsis for Episode 6 it says a mysterious new group is introduced and the picture is that of zombies but if you look close it looks more like people wearing zombie skins.  The Whisperers!  It’s earlier than what I expected but hey.


Finally to address a few things I noticed people saying about the first episode and trying to be sympathetic at the same time.  This episode was tragic, brutal, and emotional.  Those of us who have followed it since season one, we grow attached to characters, and those of us who read the comics have some insight as well as what to expect.  Even still reading the comic and seeing it on the show are two different things.  You know it’s coming but don’t want it to at the same time.  With that said, it’s still a great show and you have to accept the fact that at some point your favorite characters are going to die.  This is the zombie apocalypse.  Not everyone is going to live forever.  A lot of people got really pissed about the brutality of the episode or the fact Glenn died and said they would never watch it again or said they were rage quitting the show.  WHY?  It’s just a show.  Sure we love these characters but it is just a show and it is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SHOW.  PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE at some point.  If it were real and if anyone has read my blogs you know I believe someday it will happen, the truth is out there, your friends and family aren’t all going to live forever.  There will be some who die by either zombies or those living who have taken advantage of no rules and no laws.  Are you going to rage quit life because your best friend or your husband had their head bashed in with a bat or was torn apart by zombies?  Not how real life works people.  Now this is a show and not real life so lets treat it as such.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect people to die to include your favorites and accept it and admit, despite the devastating loss of the characters we love, it is still an awesome show.


A Special Mother’s Day

I know I already posted a Mother’s Day post but I wanted to do a separate post for my oldest daughter who on July 14 will become a mother for the first time.  She will be having a daughter and I’m sure they will see as she grows that their little girl is just like her mother in some ways and just like her father in others.

Becoming a mother for the first time can be scary, a parent for that matter can be scary.  Not knowing if your doing things right, making the right decisions or the wrong ones.  You can read all the books, listen to the advice of your parents, but the best thing you can do is learn what works best for your child.  Not every technique works for every child.  You have to tweek things.  You have days you are filled with stress and others filled with joy.  You have good days and bad.  In the end though, nothing compares to loving that child or children and seeing them grow and filling your heart with pride as they succeed in life.

I know she will be a wonderful mother and a great parent as will her husband and as a new Pa Paw myself, even though I live several states away, I plan to spoil that child as much as I can.  So good luck in a new chapter in your life and Happy Mother’s Day tweety.

Love Dad.

Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Mothers Day

So today is Mother’s Day.  I want to first say to everyone that this day isn’t just for “your” mother but if you are married and have kids, it’s for your wife too because she is a mother as well, the mother of your children.  I remember last year hearing on the radio women calling in saying their husbands said they weren’t doing anything for them because they weren’t “Their mother” and I think that is total bullshit.  They expect something done for them on “Father’s Day”.  Why is that any different?

So Happy Mother’s Day to my mother.  She truly does love me no matter what and even if at times it can be annoying she still to this day tries to call me at least once a week if not every two weeks depending on my work schedule.  Not many people can say they do that in today’s society.

To my wife, Happy Mother’s Day, she is the mother to my two step-children and step-mother to my three children.  My step-son (her son) just turned 18 and my step-daughter (her daughter) is 12.  She’s had a hard life as a mother and despite her feelings on how she did and is doing, I can say she has been a great mother to her children.  She has done everything she could within her limits and has always provided for them what they need.  They may not always get what they want or what she wants to give them but their needs are always met and that is what is most important.  Those are the life lessons they will take with them as they go through adulthood.  That is what is important.

To all the other mothers out there again Happy Mother’s Day.

What Dreams May Come


This was actually inspired by my wife, who told me she had a fucked up dream this morning and I got to thinking about my dreams.  Some recurring and some one time random dreams.  So I thought myself “Self.  Why not share some of those with the internet?”  Now I won’t share them all because some are a result of PTSD and I’m just not comfortable sharing that in this platform.


This first dream is a recurring dream I had from my teens up through my late 20’s.  Basically there were a bunch of people lined up in white robes walking up a small rocky path up the side of a tall mountain.  It went maybe 20 miles high or more.  There were people in black robes intermittently prodding them along.  Then at the top was a group of people in black robes, either passing judgment or sentencing or something then one holding something like a large battleaxe beside a large stone.  The people in the white robes came up one by one, kneel in front of the stone, then lay their heads upon it.  Then the individual with the battleax would chop their heads off.  The head would roll off the side of the mountain as well as their bodies pushed off the side to fall to the bottom of the mountain beside the people as they started their trek up.  I attribute this to my religious upbringing that I no longer practice.  Gotta love the church throwing images of the end of the world in your face every chance they get in the name of “saving you” don’t ya?  Thanks for the bad dreams!

The second one I was in a large yard with very green grass.  There was a large tree and a red barn.  There was a man and woman.  The woman was possessed by 13 demons.  The man cast the demons out of the woman and into 13 pigs that were nearby.  When they entered their body the pigs began to squeal like they were in intense physical pain then ran away.  Yea another one there I thank the church for.

Zombie Killing

The next one has many variations.  It has the same theme but different scenarios each time.  Basically what it boils down to is my wife, kids, and step kids, all at the same time or individually and myself are being attacked by zombies and I am fighting to save our lives.  Luckily we always live.  I attribute this to several things, my love of zombies and my need to protect my family at all costs.  Being retired Air Force, I no longer have a nation to protect, now all I have is my loved ones.

Charlize Theron

Finally this one isn’t a recurring dream but just a dream I have had.  Granted the picture above is of Charlize Theron, whom is on my New Years resolution to have a 3-some with her and my wife, the dream did not have her in it, the dream it self was me having a 3-some with my wife and a blonde woman whom I have never met.  Don’t know who she is, someone my brain cooked up in my dream.  The sex was hot and wild, the 3 of us were all over each other like animals.  Tongues, pussy, tits, ass, and (my) dick were everywhere.  By the time we were done we were soaked in sweat and completely exhausted.  This one I just attribute to the fact that its a long time fantasy of mine, pure and simple.

Now I believe two things about dreams.  I believe some dreams do mean something and can be interpreted and I believe other dreams don’t mean anything and are just your subconscious trying to make sense of things going on, it has a jumble of images inside it, your body is stressed or depressed, and it is just trying to make sense of everything and creates something out of it and it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

So those are a sampling of my dreams, kinda crazy I know.  Tell’s you how messed up my brain is doesn’t it?  LOL