Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Mothers Day

So today is Mother’s Day.  I want to first say to everyone that this day isn’t just for “your” mother but if you are married and have kids, it’s for your wife too because she is a mother as well, the mother of your children.  I remember last year hearing on the radio women calling in saying their husbands said they weren’t doing anything for them because they weren’t “Their mother” and I think that is total bullshit.  They expect something done for them on “Father’s Day”.  Why is that any different?

So Happy Mother’s Day to my mother.  She truly does love me no matter what and even if at times it can be annoying she still to this day tries to call me at least once a week if not every two weeks depending on my work schedule.  Not many people can say they do that in today’s society.

To my wife, Happy Mother’s Day, she is the mother to my two step-children and step-mother to my three children.  My step-son (her son) just turned 18 and my step-daughter (her daughter) is 12.  She’s had a hard life as a mother and despite her feelings on how she did and is doing, I can say she has been a great mother to her children.  She has done everything she could within her limits and has always provided for them what they need.  They may not always get what they want or what she wants to give them but their needs are always met and that is what is most important.  Those are the life lessons they will take with them as they go through adulthood.  That is what is important.

To all the other mothers out there again Happy Mother’s Day.


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