A Special Mother’s Day

I know I already posted a Mother’s Day post but I wanted to do a separate post for my oldest daughter who on July 14 will become a mother for the first time.  She will be having a daughter and I’m sure they will see as she grows that their little girl is just like her mother in some ways and just like her father in others.

Becoming a mother for the first time can be scary, a parent for that matter can be scary.  Not knowing if your doing things right, making the right decisions or the wrong ones.  You can read all the books, listen to the advice of your parents, but the best thing you can do is learn what works best for your child.  Not every technique works for every child.  You have to tweek things.  You have days you are filled with stress and others filled with joy.  You have good days and bad.  In the end though, nothing compares to loving that child or children and seeing them grow and filling your heart with pride as they succeed in life.

I know she will be a wonderful mother and a great parent as will her husband and as a new Pa Paw myself, even though I live several states away, I plan to spoil that child as much as I can.  So good luck in a new chapter in your life and Happy Mother’s Day tweety.

Love Dad.


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