My Acceptance Speech

I was thinking the other day what would my acceptance speech sound like if I had to give one? It doesn’t matter for what either really, whether for an Academy Award, an American Music Award, a Best Newcomers Performance In A Porno Award (all of which are timed but I would say fuck you to them and take as long as I wanted), Greatest Father Award, being elected President, or whatever. So I figured I would sit down and type of a pseudo acceptance speech not really for anything specific.


Ladies, Gentlemen, and all the Little People I had to step on to get here, I thank you. I thank you for being that stepping stone for me, despite being broken, beat & scarred you didn’t try to escape but rather stayed hard and fast, your backs strong for me to walk on, even when things seemed to fade to black you were there for me, never having a holier than thou attitude as I rose to be where I am today.

I want to thank my cousin, who I won’t name, who taught me as teenager how to ride the lightning, man those were good times. I am thankful for my time in the military despite my PTSD and having times where it feels like I disappear into the horrors of my mind, I had a fulfilling career, saw a lot of places and countries that I would never have had I not gone in the Air Force. Even going to war, I am thankful for my time, I just wore my St. Anger around my neck at all times and it got me through and still does to this day.

I want to thank my mother for always being there for me, supporting me no matter what. She always had advice even when I didn’t want it. I remember one time mama said “Are you sure about getting married now?” Then 15 years later I was divorced, If I had only listened to her then. It’s sad but true.

I want to thank my father for inspiring me to be strong, be my own person, and follow my dreams. He inspired me to go in the Air Force, to work hard every day, and to never back down from doing what I have to do to achieve my dreams. Carpe Diem baby!

I want to thank my children, despite the rough times we have had or continue to have, they still loved me. They have been the reason I try to be a better person. An inspiration for them, someone to look up too, a hero because if you can be a hero in your child’s eyes then nothing else matters.

Finally and most importantly I want to thank my wife, I know sometimes I can seem like some kind of monster always sitting around with whiskey in a jar in my hand but she stands by me through everything, she puts her trust in me when she has no trust to give. Things have been tough for all of us but when needed she has been willing to jump in the fire with me and see things through no matter how frantic things may be. She is the hero of the day every day in my life. She gives me fuel to keep going and when life tries to beat us down, to stand up and fight fire with fire. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I know she is not only beautiful to me but to everyone who meets and knows her and I thank the Gods of the old and the new that she loves me every day helping me heal my blackened heart.

Thank you, good night, …and justice for all


2 thoughts on “My Acceptance Speech

  1. Shannygirl

    Through it all.. the Memory Remains! You are my CURE and my ESCAPE and my FUEL to help me SEEK AND DESTROY , THE STRUGGLE INSIDE UNTIL IT SLEEPS..


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