Feel The Music

Music 2

Everybody loves music, we dance to it, sing to it, we associate memories to songs, and we all have our favorite songs and genres.  We listen to certain ones depending on our mood, we use it in religion, and overall its one of the few things that everyone has in common.  Now I have posted a blog before about music, several in fact and I thought I would do another one.  Music has been on my mind lately and it’s quite frankly in my soul.

Personally I listen to just about everything.  I have an extensive CD library and continues to grow.  I’m sure you don’t want to read it all but I’m going to make a list anyway because I’m that OCD but first I’ll say I don’t like Opera and Classical Music.  I just never really got into them.  I do like some jazz but not a lot and I do like some blues but not a lot.  Now before I go further with this post I’ll annoy you with a list of genres I do like.

Feel The Music

Acid Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Country, Alternative Dance, Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Blues Rock, Christmas Music, Classic Country, Classic Rock, Comedy Music, Comedy Rap, Comedy Rock, Country, Country Rock, Dance Pop, Dance Rock, Death Metal, Death Rock, Digital Hardcore, Dirty Rap, Disco, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Electronic Dance, Extreme Metal, Funk, Funk Rock, Gangster Rap, Garage Rock, Girl Group, Glam Metal, Glam Punk, Glam Rock, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Grunge, Grindcore Music, Hardcore Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Horrorcore, Indie Rock, Industrial, Modern Rock, New Wave, R&B, Rap, Pop Music, Pop Rock, Pornocore, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Punk Rock, Rock And Roll, Sex Rap, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Speedcore, and Swing Music.

So as you can see my taste for music is expansive.  I love music.  I will sing to every song that plays. I love to dance too.  I believe singing and dancing is a form of expression of your feelings whether its joy, sadness, erotic, anger, self-pity, happiness, or helplessness.  We sing and dance to how we feel and we listen to certain songs or genres based on those feelings.  It’s a way to express ourselves.  It’s also one of the many ways we end up associating songs to events or people in our lives.  Sometimes painful and sometimes good.  So next time you catch your self or someone catches you singing or dancing in your car while driving, in the living room while cleaning, or in the shower, don’t be embarrassed, just go with it.  It’s a wonderful thing.  In my opinion more people should sing and dance, I think there would be a lot less stress, anger, and violence if we did.



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