What Dreams May Come


This was actually inspired by my wife, who told me she had a fucked up dream this morning and I got to thinking about my dreams.  Some recurring and some one time random dreams.  So I thought myself “Self.  Why not share some of those with the internet?”  Now I won’t share them all because some are a result of PTSD and I’m just not comfortable sharing that in this platform.


This first dream is a recurring dream I had from my teens up through my late 20’s.  Basically there were a bunch of people lined up in white robes walking up a small rocky path up the side of a tall mountain.  It went maybe 20 miles high or more.  There were people in black robes intermittently prodding them along.  Then at the top was a group of people in black robes, either passing judgment or sentencing or something then one holding something like a large battleaxe beside a large stone.  The people in the white robes came up one by one, kneel in front of the stone, then lay their heads upon it.  Then the individual with the battleax would chop their heads off.  The head would roll off the side of the mountain as well as their bodies pushed off the side to fall to the bottom of the mountain beside the people as they started their trek up.  I attribute this to my religious upbringing that I no longer practice.  Gotta love the church throwing images of the end of the world in your face every chance they get in the name of “saving you” don’t ya?  Thanks for the bad dreams!

The second one I was in a large yard with very green grass.  There was a large tree and a red barn.  There was a man and woman.  The woman was possessed by 13 demons.  The man cast the demons out of the woman and into 13 pigs that were nearby.  When they entered their body the pigs began to squeal like they were in intense physical pain then ran away.  Yea another one there I thank the church for.

Zombie Killing

The next one has many variations.  It has the same theme but different scenarios each time.  Basically what it boils down to is my wife, kids, and step kids, all at the same time or individually and myself are being attacked by zombies and I am fighting to save our lives.  Luckily we always live.  I attribute this to several things, my love of zombies and my need to protect my family at all costs.  Being retired Air Force, I no longer have a nation to protect, now all I have is my loved ones.

Charlize Theron

Finally this one isn’t a recurring dream but just a dream I have had.  Granted the picture above is of Charlize Theron, whom is on my New Years resolution to have a 3-some with her and my wife, the dream did not have her in it, the dream it self was me having a 3-some with my wife and a blonde woman whom I have never met.  Don’t know who she is, someone my brain cooked up in my dream.  The sex was hot and wild, the 3 of us were all over each other like animals.  Tongues, pussy, tits, ass, and (my) dick were everywhere.  By the time we were done we were soaked in sweat and completely exhausted.  This one I just attribute to the fact that its a long time fantasy of mine, pure and simple.

Now I believe two things about dreams.  I believe some dreams do mean something and can be interpreted and I believe other dreams don’t mean anything and are just your subconscious trying to make sense of things going on, it has a jumble of images inside it, your body is stressed or depressed, and it is just trying to make sense of everything and creates something out of it and it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

So those are a sampling of my dreams, kinda crazy I know.  Tell’s you how messed up my brain is doesn’t it?  LOL


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