Looking At The Positives

Pros and cons

Since I hadn’t been around for awhile there are some things I haven’t been able to keep everyone up to date with.  I thought this post I would go over some positive things happening.  The list may seem short but every positive thing counts right?

First up my oldest daughter who is 22, married 2 years now, is pregnant and due in June.  She found out in February that it is a girl.  Yes that means I am going to be a grandfather for the first time.  As happy as I am for them, it did catch me off guard when she told me back in October.  I struggled up until probably last month what to be called.  This is an important decision you know.  I think I finally decided on pa (p-ai) paw (not pronounced like pa pa the a similar to an ai together, that’s the best way I can type it.   So pa paw it is.  So to be the best grandfather I can be I have started buying pacifiers, onesie’s and bibs.  Books and toys will come soon.  I warned them both, just as I did with her, her brother, and her sister, I will ensure this grandchild will be a Steelers fan, love Star Trek, Star Wars, and Zombies.  So what was the first bib I bought?  See below.


Next positive is I talked to my son, who is in his 2nd year at University of Florida and he told me he got a promotion at his job to Training Coordinator.  Congratulations to him.  I’m very proud of him.  I have always been proud of him.  We’ve decided to set up chess boards and e-mail each other our moves.  So I’ll move his piece on my board when he emails me.  Then move my piece then email him what move I made and he will do the same on his chess board.  Something we can do while being apart.

Next up, we will be celebrating our 6th Anniversary May 4th.  With limited funds we can’t do everything I want to but the fact she stuck around with me for this long is a positive in and of it self.

I’m sure if I tried I could think of more but it’s 1:40 in the morning, I’m at work, and I’m just trying to keep from falling asleep so I will end it here.


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