Fear The Dragon


So last year I bought my wife a bearded dragon.  We named her Mushu.  She was a grumpy bitch but after 8 months of owning her, we grew quite fond of her.  She was 10 months old when she passed, we estimated 2 months old when we bought her.  We don’t know why she passed, we think she somehow got parasites.  So anyway we cleaned everything to include buying a new cricket holder and was given a new dragon by a friend.  His name is Draco.  He can be seen in the above picture guarding his treasure.  He too is a grumpy dickhead but loves sticking his tail and hind legs in the mountain water container we bought that magnetically attaches to the side of the terrarium.

Just like Mushu we have grown attached to Draco the Dragon.  He hasn’t learned to breath fire yet but we’re still working on that.  He loves eating his crickets.  They are supposed to like vegetables and certain fruits like blueberries and while Mushu would eat some (not a lot) he’s a bit more of an ass and just refuses to eat them.  On occasion he will take a few bites here and there but not often.

He is roughly 4 months old now and despite his temperamental attitude he is a great pet.  I highly recommend them but before you do, read up on them first, make sure you know how to take care of them, what they need as far as basking lamps, size terrariums, bathing, cleaning, food, when to switch to sand, etc.  Don’t go into it blind.  Know how to recognize certain behaviors so you know if something is wrong or if it is normal.  There are a lot of books out there on the subject that can help as well as a lot of webistes so do your research first.


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