A Late New Years Resolutions


Shut Up! I know it’s March.  I’m not stupid.  Don’t forget I haven’t been on here in over a year so I need to catch everyone up on my New Years Resolutions.  Don’t try some of these at home people, I wouldn’t want you to throw out your back or get in trouble with your significant other.  I figured I would go over my list from last year and see what I completed and didn’t complete and create a new list for this year, obviously moving over what I didn’t complete to try and complete in the new year.

First up are my resolutions I completed for 2014

2014’s Resolutions Completed

  • I’m making more this year as a Federal Worker then I was last year.
  • My wife got a new car.
  • I got a new car.
  • I got the Star Wars Special Edition box Set on Blu-Ray.
  • Pay off debt: This one will be on both because I have paid off about ¼ of our debt but we still have a lot to go.
  • I finally brought my wife out of retirement and got her to play Monopoly again by buying the Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly.  Yes I’m an Evil Genius.
  • I was able to surprise my wife with a new wedding set for her and me.
  • I do believe I did read double the amount of books that I read the prior year.

Now for 2015’s Resolutions.  Again those I didn’t complete for 2014 have been moved over to 2015 with some additions.

  • Save up enough money to go to Florida to see my granddaughter after she is born in July
  • Loose weight and get back into shape; I have actually been actively working at this so this should be on the completed list next year.
  • Be comfortable enough with my weight to get in a swimming pool this summer.
  • Go hiking more this summer.
  • Go on more picnics this summer.
  • Go camping this summer.
  • Get a savings I don’t have to continually empty every month.
  • Move out of the apartments and into a house in a nice neighborhood.
  • Have a 3-some with my wife and Charlize Theron.
  • Finish my book and be a successful published writer, I have really been procrastinating on this one. I am up to Chapter 7 though.
  • Finish paying off all our debt. Again I have paid off about ¼ of our debt but we still have a lot to go.
  • Get a new tattoo.
  • Take a vacation to New York.
  • Go to a Steeler’s game.
  • Become a regular cast member on The Walking Dead.
  • Have a 3-some with my wife and a woman that we would actually have a real chance with and not some fantasy actress.
  • Ban condoms for the safer approach; The Pull-Out Method; you won’t believe how hard this one has been!
  • Work on a quieter household with fewer arguments with the kids and my wife; I have reduced them with the wife but man it’s been difficult with the step-kids.
  • Solve world thirst.
  • Cure back hair growth.
  • Take a ride on the new commercial ship to space.
  • Meet an alien from Outer Space; I have met a few aliens outside the 7-11 by my house but they aren’t from Outer Space.
  • Try every shot that doesn’t contain Tequila in my Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots (I started but still a long way off from finishing); I’ve done a third of the book so far.
  • Be on the cover of The Rolling Stone.
  • Survive the coming zombie apocalypse.
  • Meet my goal to read 30 books this year.
  • Buy a new suit in a smaller size for work due to me losing weight.

So that’s it for this year.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to check off all of them this time.


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