It Was Time To Trade Up

PT Cruiser

Back in 2010 I bought a used 2005 PT Cruiser Convertable.  Despite all the problems I had with this car, I still really liked it, especially driving during the summer with the top down.  This was my first convertable I ever had and it was awesome.  Like I said though it had a lot of problems and I sunk a lot of money into it.  Between 2010 and 29 Dec 2013, I had 18 flat tires (every little pot hole would give it flats), I replaced 3 rims ($154 each), had to get the AC fixed, replace the turbo, replace the catalitic converter, have the headlights cleaned cause they constantly fogged up, and it still had a proble with the windshield washers.  While driving back from taking my kids back to Florida, I was driving through South Carolina in the rain.  I was doing 10mph under the speed limit, driving on the inside passing lane down I95 when I hit a puddle of water and it hydroplaned into the ditch.  Problem here is the grass and mud made it bolt like a rocket.  Nothing I did would make it stop and I hit the rebarb fencing in the middle of the ditch.  I lost the front bumber, dented the front corner panel making opening the car door difficult, busted out the drivers side head light, and who knows what internal damage was done.  It cost me $275 just to get towed out of the ditch and a ticket for not driving at the appropriate speed for the weather (even though I was doing under the limit).  The cop said if you couldn’t break before going in the ditch then he had to ticket me (BS!  I was hydroplaning!!!)

So the insurance company took my car and on 3 Jan 2014 said it was considered totaled.  I had 2 days of rental which they paid but not all.  I still had $75 I had to pay, $53 for the two days and $25 for the insurance coverage.  I had a $500 deductable which after subtracting, what the insurance was paying out was still less than what was owed on the car.  Thankfully I had GAP insurance and that covers the rest.

So Saturday, 4 Jan 2014, we went to the dealership to find a new car.  Which we did, with only about $320 down we were able to get a 2012 White Dodge Avenger.  I have to say this is a sweet car.  It’s easy driving, good on gas, looks great, and I can actually see the road with non-fogged headlights.  It does get pushed around with the wind a little which I found out tonight driving to work in 30mph winds but it was still easy to handle.  I will miss my drop-top but hopefully some day in the future I’ll be able to afford a new convertable of some kind.  Below is a picture of what the new car looks like.  Lets hope this one has less problems then the last car did.

Dodge Avenger


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