My Christmas Hottie

Flo The Progressive Lady 2

So it’s been awhile since I did a Hottie Of The Month and so I thought I would do my Christmas Hottie and I chose Stephanie Courtney otherwise known as Flo The Progressive Lady.  She doesn’t go around in skimpy dresses or showing her tits (which I have noooo problem with btw and wouldn’t mind a peak at) but there is something about her that still makes her sexy.  She’s funny, cute, great smile, and her progressive commercials always make me laugh and she makes that progressive uniform look damn good.  Hey maybe that’s it…the uniform.  Can’t resist a woman in uniform.

Many may not know this but she is a stand up comic and regularly performs at and is the main company member of the famed Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles.  Her husband (damn it) is also the lighting guy at the same theater.  She was in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, The Man Show, and ER to name a few.  She was also Joy Peters in the TV show Tom Goes To The Mayor and Marge in Mad Men.  She’s been in several movies such as The Heartbreak Kid, Blades of Glory, and For Your Consideration.  She even appeared on an episode of WWF Raw as Flo.  She’s an all around funny lady and a hottie and that’s why she’s my Christmas Hottie.

Flo The Progressive Lady


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