Zombies Are Walking In Indonesia

Normally a corpse is being carried to the grave but in Toraja, Indonesia, the corpse is woken up letting it walk to its own grave.  The process used is black magic.  To the locals zombies are a part of everyday life and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to become one.  There are certain individuals who possess the ability to make the dead walk and according to tradition, a person must be buried in the village where they were born, and if that doesn’t happen, reanimation specialists help them to get back to their proper resting place.  One reason behind this was because the villages of Tana Toraja were extremely isolated and difficult to visit and this way the relatives were spared having to carry the corpse.


According to the belief systems, the spirit of the dead must return to their village of origin.  Their relatives are there to guide them on their journey into the after-life after the ceremonies are complete.  The corpse would walk stiffly, expressionless.  If anyone addressed the dead they would fall down senseless unable to continue.  So the accompanying relatives have to warn people they meet not to talk directly to the dead.

Zombie 2

Now a-days roads are better and traveling is easier and the corpses are moved through conventional means.  They still perform the ritual on animals though.  At the funerals, it’s common for the people to sacrifice cattle and after the head is separated from the body, they make the dead animal rise and walk for as long as 10 minutes.

Zombie 3


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