Women Arrested For Public Brawl Over Something

Women Fighting

Two women were arrested tonight outside a local bar over something.  It seems Jennifer and her boyfriend had came to the bar for a few drinks.  Her boyfriend said they do it every week and have never had any trouble before.  A local band was playing and it was pretty loud inside the bar.  Beth apparently walked by and said something to Jennifer’s boyfriend and smiled and kept walking by.  According to witnesses, Jennifer said something in response, Beth stopped asking what she said, Jennifer responded “You heard me Bitch” and turned back to her boyfriend.

Beth said something else and walked off.  15 mins later Beth came back by and said something else.  Jennifer said something back and things seemed to be getting heated.  Witnesses said they thought they were going to start fighting right then but after saying something to each other for a couple minutes Beth walked away again and Jennifer turned back to her boyfriend again.  Apparently after about 2 minutes, Beth came running back up behind Jennifer grabbing her by the hair on the back of her head and slamming her face down into the bar table and pushing off her chair to the floor.  Jennifer, broken nose and bloody stood up and said something and attacked Beth.  The fight was brutal and chairs and tables were broken left and right.  They each kept saying something to each other then the bouncers broke them up and threw them outside.

Once outside they started saying something else to each other and the fight started up again.  it was pretty much and even fight until the cops arrived and broke it up and arrested them.  The will both spend over night in jail and pay a $250 fine plus split the damages to the bar.


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