Reason’s A Woman Cheats

So I did a post a few days ago about men and women cheating.  It was just a generalized post on cheating.  In response my wife did a post on Reason’s A Man Cheats, see link at bottom of post.  Well in response to her post I thought I would do a post on reason’s a woman cheats.  My information is taken from the below article.


If anyone has seen Unfaithful, American Beauty, or Sex and the City, then you have seen that these focus on women cheating.  It happens.  Cheating is not just a “Man thing”.  Of the more than 9,400 women who were surveyed in another article 49% of women said they had cheated and another 26% said they would have no problem cheating if they knew they could get away with it.  Women today have the same opportunities to cheat as guys always did and with women in the office and on business trips it makes it easier.  The internet and chat rooms has made it easier as well.

Number 10:  Not enough sex

According to this survey women want to feel wanted.  Where they got that from I don’t know but it’s in the survey so I guess it’s true.  LOL, just joking, really they do and one reason they say they cheat is because they are being made to feel that way.  There are no more date nights, provocative e-mails, kissing, cuddling or sex.  Now, in my opinion this in itself is not a reason to cheat for a man or woman if you haven’t talked to your partner first.  Communication is key in any relationship and you need to communicate to your partner how you feel, if they don’t know they can’t fix it and guys like fixing things.  Now if you give them chance after chance after chance, maybe leaving is your alternative.  If you’re unhappy there is no reason to stay.  Why stay and cheat and be unhappy when you can leave and be happy and not cheat?

Number 9:  Being a bad girl

Some women have an inner sex kitten waiting to be unleashed and this frisky behavior normally comes out to a life change ie weight loss, mid life crisis, new job, etc.  Again this is not an excuse to cheat but it happens.  If you want to unleash your inner bad girl, then go to your partner and talk about role playing or 3-somes or something.  Work out scenario’s the two of you can act out that will help you feel like that bad girl without actually cheating.  If she just decides I wanna be bad and goes and cheats well, we have a problem.  I’m a pretty forgiving guy but this reason is not a forgivable reason to me.

Number 8:  Self-esteem

Sex can be an instant pick-me-up; it can make women feel sexier, beautiful and loved.  The thing to remember is it’s not your fault if she does cheat because she has self-esteem issues but you can help her feel secure and possibly avoid it.  Pay attention to her, ask questions and compliment a lot.

Number 7:  Revenge for past wrongs

Maybe you didn’t cheat on her, but you blew your savings in Vegas or got caught in a huge lie, you broke her trust and maybe her heart and this can drive her to go cray cray.  She will feel betrayed and want to hurt you back and cheating is the best way to do it.  For me saying your sorry is enough but for my wife and women in general it’s not, you have to show them and this can be difficult for men because we feel like it has to be done immediately and sometimes that is impossible but because they are hurt they don’t see it as impossible.  You do what you can to show them anyway.  Is cheating as a means for revenge okay?  Never.  Is it understandable?  Depending on why it can be but that doesn’t make it right.

Number 6:  Lack of intimacy

It’s not just sex, it’s touching, kissing, cuddling, and communicating.  Women need it like and addict needs crack.  If you’re not giving it to her she will look for it elsewhere.  Now that doesn’t make it right.  She needs to talk to you first about it.  Again communication.  She needs to tell her partner what she is lacking before she does something rash otherwise he has every right to be upset if he finds out.

Number 5:  Feeling neglected/ignored/underappreciated

If she feels more like a maid then your girlfriend or wife then there is a possibility she is going to find someone who isn’t going to treat her the same way.  The easiest way around this is to thank her for what she does, share responsibilities around the house.  Now if she is feeling like this she needs to say something if it continues then she needs to leave.  In my opinion leaving is always a better option than cheating.

Number 4:  Emotional withdrawal

Women can be very emotional.  I know this first hand.  Some can even be a little psycho, I know this first hand as well from past experiences.  They don’t just need physical support but emotional support as well and if you retreat from the relationship she will think things are over and start looking for someone new.  In her mind she isn’t cheating, she is moving on.  To avoid this you have to be willing to open up in your relationship no matter how hard it may be to share certain feelings.  Even if it is something she is doing that is hurting you.  The only way to help your relationship is to be open and honest.  It is a two way street.  If she is doing something to make you feel bad you have to tell her.  If you withdrawal you may end up pushing her into someone else’s arms.

Number 3:  Bedroom boredom

If you are doing the same thing over and over in the bedroom this can cause issues.  Affairs add adventure, something new and exciting; it breaks away from the mundane.  Again not an excuse to cheat, so if it is getting dull then someone needs to say something, propose new ideas for the bedroom to spice things up.  Be willing to try something new for your partner.  You can even do something unexpected in the bedroom without telling her ahead of time to add to that excitement.

Number 2:  Exit strategy

Instead of saying I want out, she may cheat on you this way she doesn’t have to deal with the broken relationship, especially if you have children together.  A lot of people stay for the kids, so on the side they get their satisfaction elsewhere.  This is never good and never acceptable.  This makes things so much harder to fix.  If you are that unhappy you need to say you want out.  The kids see you are unhappy.  Don’t stay and cheat for them.  It will only make things worse.

Number 1:  Revenge for cheating

Now unlike the other revenge cheating this is directly resulting from the man cheating.  As a means of punishment they think if he can I can.  Let him see how it feels only a lot of times this can severely backfire on the woman, especially if she is some sort of abusive relationship.  Now yes I can understand the thinking behind this but with that said, that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.  You can’t change what happened and you have lost all trust.  All you can do is assure them it won’t happen again and do everything possible to prove it.  She on the other hand has to make a decision either give you a second chance or leave.  Cheating for revenge should not be option C.

Now a little something that can put a spin on things with women cheating is visions of Denis Richards and Neve Campbell making out or Mila Kunis and Natelie Portman getting intimate.  Another study completed by the University of Texas show that most men would be forgiving if their unfaithful female partner had an affair with another woman.  50% of men would not have a problem if she cheated with another woman whereas 22% would stay with the woman if she cheated with a man.  The logic behind this is that the male’s perception of 2 women getting it on is erotic and envisioning themselves joining the party is like the double rainbow of sex fantasies.  Plus a lesbian liaison doesn’t carry the threat of offspring.  This I can totally agree with and if it happened would most likely ask to join as a means to fix whatever was broken in the relationship that pushed her to cheat with another woman in the first place.


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