Penis Subject To Man’s Every Whim

Hand of Abuse

In a gross display of abuse a man in Virginia admitted to routinely mistreating his penis.  He said every day he would force his penis to urinate at least 4 to 5 times a day.  He would force his penis to be smothered to the point that it could barely get any air in a pair of boxer briefs for about 18 hours a day sometimes longer.  The time it wasn’t being smothered it was being forced to drown in water a torture method called water boarding or it was being strangled and choked from constant masturbation.  The worst part of the abuse was when he would force his penis to have sex with other women.  Not once asking his penis what it wanted he would just stick it in every hole available on the woman.  The man said sometimes he would do this with multiple women at the same time or force his penis to have sex with 2 to 4 women in one day.  At one point he even had his penis enlarged as well.

Unfortunately there are very few laws protecting the penis so he is legally allowed to do with whatever he wants with his penis outside the few laws that do exist.  He stated he has even gone so far as putting cock rings on his penis and spanking his penis with a paddle.  So until more laws are written to protect the penis, it is out of our hands for now.


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