Why Aquarium Fish?


You ever wonder why people own fish?  I know they are supposed to be relaxing and all that.  I have even owned an aquarium full of fish in the past myself.  I like them, especially the more exotic saltwater fish.  This post isn’t about why you shouldn’t own them or anything like that.  I’m just saying think about it, why?  You have this big ass tank full of fish that don’t live very long to begin with, so your constantly replacing them.  You have to clean the tank even with a filter on occasion.  If you don’t have a filter tank but something like a glass bowl for something like a Beta, then you have to clean the whole bowl and change the water.  Your feeding them every day.  Plus you have to know your fish because some fish can’t be in the same tank as other fish or they will kill each other and then you just wasted $100 or more.  If they get sick you now have to put medicine in the water every day and hope they get better or don’t infect the rest of the fish or your now replacing ALL of your fish.

All they do is sit there stuck to the wall of the aquarium or the rocks or whatever you have in there or just swim around.  It’s not like they perform tricks, play fetch with you or chase an infra-red light up a wall.  They really don’t do a damn thing.  They are extremely boring pets.  Yet their beauty sucks us in and we spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on them, bring them home, give them a place to live, feed them, and take care of them till they die and we have to replace them.  Hmmm sounds very similar to finding a wife.

At any rate, I have to say, even though they are probably one of the most boring pets out there, they are neat to look at just because of their variety in colors and shapes.  Some may be plain looking yes but there are so many out there that are very cool looking and very pretty and that’s why I like fish and I believe most people who have them like them as well.  Wow, again a lot similarities to women there.  Hmmmm, is there a conspiracy here somewhere?


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