Careful When You Cheat

Fatal Attraction

There are a few things I have learned when it comes to cheating on a significant other, through media, TV, movies, etc and what I have learned in a nutshell is women turn into crazy biotches.  First lets start with the woman who is cheating.  Well, she apparently is justified because her significant other drove her to do it.  He wasn’t meeting her needs emotionally, mentally, sexually, or she got drunk and it was a one night thing and it meant nothing but she should be forgiven because she is woman.  Of course if her man did that well there is no excuse and he will most likely find all his stuff on the front lawn in a pile on fire.  Then she will hunt this other women or other women down to show them how they fucked up by messing with her man, even though she is leaving him, it’s the principle of the the matter.

Then you have the man who is cheating.  There really is no easy way to do this.  You can’t e-mail because there are programs that can be loaded on the computer that can send every keystroke to her e-mail and she will know.  You can’t call or text cause there are programs that can be installed on your cell for her to do the same or she can just look at your phone and if you forgot to delete something then your in trouble.  She can follow you or hire someone to follow you.  Really you have to be banging someone out of state or better yet out of the country, tell them a different name, don’t tell them where you really live, and make no promises of ever leaving your significant other because after awhile they’ll get tired of it and go cray cray on yo ass and do something stupid like follow you and show up at your house, tell your significant other, or try to kill themselves and leave a note naming you, to which now you have the cops showing up at your place…explain that to your significant other.  Then there are the real psycho’s who when you do tell them it’s a one nighter who don’t accept that and insist on more.  Show up at your work.  Kill your kids bunny and put it in a boiling pot, fur and all, on your stove while your not home.  Constantly e-mail and call you months after you stopped seeing her even up to years after asking to get together for just one night.  It doesn’t matter to them that you are in a relationship, they want you and they will pursue you at all costs no matter what.  They really have nothing to lose, they are single, they don’t care if your significant other finds out. If they do their going to leave you which means your now free to be with her, it’s win win for the crazy lady.

All in all, women go bat shit crazy when they don’t get their man or when they lose their man to someone else.  The acceptance of defeat is something they don’t understand.  There is a chemical imbalance that occurs and they can’t seem to cope.  Why this is I don’t know but it’s scary.  My best advice I can give is don’t cheat and if your woman cheats on you, your going to have to accept, even if it wasn’t your fault, that it was your fault because if you try to leave her, she’s going to go cray cray on you for leaving her even though she would do the same to you.  If your going to do it, do not give your real name, where you live, find someone out of state, preferably in another country and do not see them more than 2 times otherwise your asking for trouble.  That’s just my opinion.


27 thoughts on “Careful When You Cheat

                  1. MsTranquility

                    No, they aren’t all bad….but I have been ashamed of women too many times to count with how they treat the men in their lives. What disturbs me more though, are the men who stand by and allow them to treat them that way. Cherish a good relationship because they do not come easily.

                    1. radaronelson Post author

                      Yea I was that guy in my first marriage. Easily controlled and too nice and quite to stand up for myself. Took 15 years to break from that shell.

                    2. MsTranquility

                      Seriously, I hate women like that. All it takes is respect and common sense and most don’t even have that.

                      At least you got out of it….even if 15 years too late 😉

                    3. radaronelson Post author

                      Very true. Now just waiting on my youngest to get out of the house in 3 years so I don’t ever have to deal with her again. Even though I’m gone she still does what she can to control things and it’s been 7 years.

                    4. radaronelson Post author

                      Oh no, she has been this way since the divorce with all 3 kids. She has controlled everything about when and how I see them, despite what the agreement says, it’s about what she wants and how to make it as difficult on me as possible and if she can make it where I can’t get them for visitation at all she would be estatic. In her words, “Your divorcing me so your divorcing the kids” which is bull, She gets 55% of my paycheck for child support and alimony and half my retirement from the military and she has a full time job. I’m scrapping by and she’s living it up. Luckily the 2 oldest are grown now and once the youngest graduates the child support and alimony stops and so does any requirement we have to deal with each other. She hasn’t dated one person in 7 years and she won’t either. She doesn’t want any chance to remarry and lose alimony.

                    5. MsTranquility

                      Oh my God! Isn’t there any court that will help you? I can see why you don’t want to deal with her anymore, she’s a nightmare. And you never divorce your kids, what a strange statement to make!

                    6. radaronelson Post author

                      Nope, tried it. Virginia is a fucked up state. I have to move to a state that is non-alimony and lower child support standards to help with that but I would need a job before moving and haven’t found one. I tried lowering it here and they threatened to raise it from 970 for 2 kids to 1080 a month if I didn’t keep my mouth shut and accept what I was paying. In Virginia if your a man paying support no matter how good a father your automatically considered a bad father. You have a dick and divorced your a bad dad, that’s the unwritten rule.

                    7. MsTranquility

                      What a f’ed up state! What type of court system will threaten a father trying to do the right thing? Don’t worry, all of this that she is putting you through will come back at her one day 🙂

                    8. MsTranquility

                      Yes, she is, so I like to keep on her good side 😉

                      Well, I think I better go because it’s after midnight and I have to be up at 4:30 am. It was really nice talking with you! By the way, my name is Serena 🙂

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