All Girls School Biology Class Shocked

Dissection Tools

A senior biology class in an all girls school in Texas were shocked last week when they came to class to find they were dissecting a horse’s penis.  According to the their Biology teacher Mrs Chan “These girls go through this with every dissection.  They get grossed out and shocked they actually have to cut something open, with the exception of a handful of students that actually embrace the knowledge they can gain from what they are doing.”  In response to the girls stating they had never seen anything so big in class before Mrs Chan responded “If you choose this line of work as a career, trust me you’ll get to see big ones all the time.  Some times you welcome something smaller just to change things up.”

As Mrs Chan predicted there were a couple students who welcomed the challenge of handling something as large as the horses penis.  “When you see it your instantly motivated to put everything you have into it, to explore every aspect of it.”  The others weren’t so enthusiastic however and said they “Just couldn’t imagine having to handle something so large.  We were expecting something the size of a dog or cat something more manageable, something we’re used to seeing.”

While the horse penis dissection caused a stir in Mrs Chan’s class, it was sanctioned by the school and the students moved forward like troopers.  When it was over, the majority of the students said “While hesitant at first, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to experience handling something larger than I’m used to.  It gives you an appreciation for the skill it takes to ensure you do it right.”


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