Since We Want To Change Team Names

We have all heard the recent hoopla over the Washington Redskins name change thing I thought I would give my 2 cents worth.  Personally I don’t think it should be changed.  It’s a time honored tradition, it’s not derogitory in any way, it is meant to honor the American Indians and not all American Indians are against it such as one of the leaders of the Navajo Code Talkers who openly spoke out against changing the name recently.  So I figured, me being me, I’d speak out and say if we’re going to change the name of the Washington Redskins for an imaginary reason, then lets change the name of another team for a real reason such as the New Orleans Saints.  First off, not one of them players are saints, sorry people.  Secondly, to even be considered a saint you have to be dead at least 5 years, now they may play like their dead but in reality they are all alive and kicking.

As soon as they are accepted for consideration, they are called a Servant of God then after the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints determines they lived a life of heroic virtue they are granted the title of venerable.  Again I can’t say any of the Saints players fall into this category.  After the Church establishes one miracle, their cause is presented to the pope for him to deem them worthy of being called blessed.  Well, them winning a game is a miracle so I guess you can give them this one.  Another miracle and the blessed person’s cause is presented to the pope again for his judgment.  It is then he may initiate the canonization procedure.  If it goes well, they are publicly recognized as a saint.

Since not one person on the New Orleans Saints team has ever been recognized by the Pope and Church as a saint, I believe it is impudent upon us to change the name of thier team to properly reflect who they are.  Maybe the New Orleans Gumbo or New Orleans Vodouists.  Whatever they come up with should be more reflective of New Orleans I say.



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