21 Year Old Woman’s Parents Too Poor To Pay Breast Enlargement Bill

Plastic Surgery

Ever since she was 14 Felicity Bottomtops wanted nothing more than to have DD breasts.  Hoping through her teen years they would grow, she kept out hope but they eventually stopped at a healthy C.  Feeling inadequate and an outcast, at 19 she became severely depressed and a recluse.  She never left her parents’ house to strike out on her, eventually never leaving her bedroom.  Her parents told news affiliates “We would have to leave her food on the floor by her bed and we bought one of those potty training toilets just so she had someplace to use the restroom otherwise she would just go in the corner.”

Her parents, eventually came up with the plan to get her breast implants thinking this would help her boost her confidence, bring her out of her depression, and back into society.  They took out a loan to pay for the surgery and it worked.  But then tragedy struck.  It seemed their daughter had decided to go the opposite direction than what they were thinking she would with her new breasts and went into stripping.  After visiting the local strip club one night, after hitting several bars prior, her father was, to say the least surprised to see his daughter come out on stage before him.  Distraught, angry, and drunk he left the bar and drove his car into the rear of a semi-truck at 87mph.   Now hospitalized, with a bill over 40 thousand dollars plus the loan for the surgery, they are now in a situation where they can’t pay either.

Felicity Bottomtops has apparently spiraled back into depression wondering how her parents are going to pay for the loan they took out for her new breasts and her mother has enlisted the help of the community to help.  They have opened a website for donations called www.felicitysboobsforcash.org for those interested in donating.  All proceeds will go towards paying her father’s loan, hospital bills, and penis enlargement.


6 thoughts on “21 Year Old Woman’s Parents Too Poor To Pay Breast Enlargement Bill

  1. cpsingleton42

    please send my condolences!
    I am unable to offer any money, though, so please apologise. All my spare cash goes into a recent charity that is desperately looking into how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West move without constantly falling over their own retarded shadows. The two quid donation should find out the answer pretty soon.


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