Breaking News: Truth Hidden In Japans 2011 Nuclear Meltdown


Sources revealed today that American and Japanese Government officials kept critical information from not only the Japanese public but the world as too the cause of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent triple nuclear reactor meltdown.

This new information comes on the heels of the chief nuclear officers of around 100 American nuclear power plant reactors preparing to travel to Japan then busing to Fukushima to walk through the ruins of the nuclear meltdown from Mar 2011.  What is told to the public is that this is to help build a clearly thought-out disaster management plan, but the truth is far more shocking.

It would appear that the earthquake and resulting tsunami which caused the nuclear reactor meltddown was actually caused by an attack by Godzilla.  It was a brief attack before disappearing back into the ocean but enough of one to do a lot of damage.  There were 14 people who all gave reports to both Japanese and American authorities at the embassies that they saw a lizard like monster.  It was dark green, almost like a T-Rex, but kind of scaley.  It’s height was difficult to determine but mostly because no one saw it up close and only portions of it, in quick passings.  What is interesting, is all 14 people’s video and photographic evidence has since disappeared and the individuals themselves and their families have died in various accidents or killed in “muggings” or “gang drive by shootings” or disappeared all together.

For obvious reasons, the sources would not divulge their identities or how they came across this information but along with their testimony they also released recordings of Japanese and American officials discussing plans to protect against, to track down, and kill the creature known as Godzilla.



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