Stop Animal Nudity


Everywhere you go there are animals kept by people either in houses, apartments, aquariums, museums, zoos, and even wildlife reserves.  Though these people care for and watch over these animals on a daily basis they are exploiting them as well.  How you may ask well I’ll tell you.  They make them walk around their apartments or houses or perform in their zoos and entertainment parks like Sea World…….NUDE!  Thats right, even I make my cats walk around the house nude.  It’s an atrosity I know.  When it’s in the confines of your own home okay that’s one thing but when its in public like the zoos and entertainment parks that’s something different and we need to come together and stop this. 

What gives us the right to make these poor animals walk around, perform tricks even have sex in the nude in front of thousands of people every day.  How degrading do you think they feel?  How degrading do you think I feel?  Hell I won’t even go near the elephants anymore.  Nothing like walking by with a horny elephant walking around and hearing “I’m Impressed” and it not directed at me.

I say if your going to force these poor animals to perform in front of all these people nude then you as the staff should do the same!  Take off those work clothes and show some skin.  What?  That would be embarrassing?  Then cloth your animals, think how they feel being exploited like that.  Thousands of nude photos being taken of them against their will every day.  It’s just not right.  That’s why I’m starting this petition now to Stop Animal Nudity.  So whose with me?


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