Don’t Be An Ass Because You Disagree

Flu Shot

So my wife recently posted a blog on the dangers of the flu shot which I’ll provide the link below.  In this article she went through the facts about the flu shot, the possible side effects that some people can have and within the comments she even talked about how as a child she almost died from the flu shot.  At no point did she say 100% of people will get one, two or all of the systems listed in the post.  The post was merely stating what some people could get. 

For some unknown reason people decided it was their duty to call her names like an idiot and berate her because they feel you should get the flu shot and they disagreed with the results given or because she didn’t use an apostrophe in a word.  Stating things like you don’t get sick from the shot, the person was already sick, It’s not a live virus when in fact the immunization you breath through your nose is a live virus, it’s the shot in the arm that is a dead virus, etc. Totaly disregarding the fact she almost died from the shot as a child.  Totally disregarding this is based on fact.  Totally disregarding that this is not saying it will happen to everyone.  Totally disregarding that some get sick every year after getting immunized while others who don’t get immunized never get sick.  Every person has a choice to take it or not.  To gamble with their lives or not.  You can take the chance “It won’t happen to you” or not.  It’s your choice.  Calling her names and beraiting her is asinine and mornic.  There is no call for it.  Why?  What are you proving?  That your a dumbass?  Well that you did very well. 


8 thoughts on “Don’t Be An Ass Because You Disagree

  1. Shannygirl

    Thank you for defending me baby… I just don’t understand why people feel the need to name call when they don’t agree with someone. What happened to the art of debating? Or being able to carry on a conversation with someone?

  2. sharronkelley

    I have noticed that hiding behind a screen makes some people think it is fine to show their social inadequacy and lack of tact. You know, I got a shot, but your wife’s post makes perfect sense to me, and if I were her I’d NEVER get one again. What happened to human graciousness???

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I agree. It was mandatory when I was in the military, and I got sick every time for 20 yrs. The past 3 yrs I haven’t gotten the shot and haven’t been sick yet.

  3. Jackie

    People are ignorant. The commenters are people who lack empathy and probably have never had to think too deeply about medical situations… I think most people would agree one medical approach does not fit every single body, the flu shot is no exception!

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I agree they are and your right what may work for one person may not for another. Some may not get sick or have the other side effects listed in her post but others do.

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