Why Are You Looking For That Perfect Person?

Perfect Person

You see it all too often, people fall into the trap of looking for that perfect someone and can’t find them.  So what happens?  They go for the complete opposite while they wait the right one to come along and they end up miserable, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over, saying they will never date a person like that again or go back to that person again but end up doing it every time.  You see this with men but especially with women.  There are some men who have this idea that there is this perfect woman out there for them, that she is smart, funny, highly intelligent but not so much to make him look stupid, idependent but yet still needs him to support her and come to her rescue.  Has a badonk-a-donk ass, nice D cup boobs, athletic, red hair or black hair and asian.  She drinks, smokes, has tons of tattoos and piercings, and is a freak in bed, willing to try anything and everything, to include 3-somes, 4-somes, or whatever and is bi-sexual.  So they spend their days going from one gold digger to another till when they finally find her, they are broke ass poor and have trust issues and fear they will leave when they get the chance because they are no longer worthy enough to be with such a perfect woman.

Then there is this fantasy women have that there is the perfect man out there that is loaded with money and able to buy them anything, nice car, well built, 6 pack abs, well hung, great in bed, charming, romantic, great job, want’s a family and great with kids.  But because there is no such man out there they develop the facination with the “Bad boy” who excites them with living on the edge of danger.  Drinks a lot, does drugs, in trouble with law, in a hard rock band, has tattoos, and drives a motorcycle.  All the things that she knows she should stay away from but just can’t because she’s not getting what she wants in her imaginary man.  She ends up unhappy with who she is with, leaving, going back, leaving, finding someone just like that last then settling for someone close to Mr. Right.

So basically what I’m trying to get at is nobody is perfect.  Sorry ladies, hate to burst your bubbles, you may be near perfect with those long smooth legs, inviting luscious lips, tight asses, and beautiful breasts, but your not perfect neither are us guys.  So these dreams of the perfect person need to be gotten rid of and realistic views of who your looking for and what you want need to be reimagined.  Am I saying settle for the worse of the worse?  Hell no, you deserve a great, caring, loving, great in bed, looks good person.  All I’m saying is no one is perfect.  Everyone has flaws, so expect them.


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