The Student Becomes The Teacher

As parents we want nothing more then the best for our children.  Even for them to do better for themselves then what we have done for ourselves.  Sometimes we feel as though we couldn’t give them enough when they were kids or could have done more and hope we at least prepared them enough to succeed and surpass us in their endevours.

For myself I have been unable to do this with my father in my opinion. I have always felt he was an amazing person.  He has always had the ability to figure things out and remember how to do it, just like that and not only do it but do it to almost perfection no matter what it is.  Myself, I could only do that for a handful of things, unlike my father who had that ability for everything.  I still struggle to make ends meat, live in an apartment, and can’t pay all my bills and I’m in my 40s.  My father owns his own house that he built and owns his own business.

Now we move to my two adult kids, this is where the topic of my post comes in to play.  My oldest daughter is married and moving into a townhouse, succeeding where I can not…I am proud of her for that.  She will be finishing her degree a few months before I do mine as well.  She is in her 20s I’m in my 40s.  Big difference there.  This is what I wanted.  For her to have these things early in life not to be where I’m at today and still struggling to have them.  Then there is my adult son, who is a student in college and has truly become the teacher.  He is the genius.  Growing up you are there to teach your children.  Help them with their homework, build wooden race cars, show them how to build campfires, to fish, cook, fix things, and everything else a person needs to know to make it on their own.  Now we are both in college and I just happen to be taking a class I am lost in.  To the point, on my own, I would fail.  So I went to him for help.  He became the teacher.  He surpassed me and is now helping me, showing me, teaching me, what I need to know, to pass this class.  This is truly another example of my child, surpassing me, doing better then I did in life.  If he can be at a point where he is now teaching me instead of me teaching him, I no longer need to worry if he is going to make it in this world, because I know he is going to excel in it.  He is destined for great things and I know he will surpass me and do so much more then what I could ever have hoped to do for him myself.

I have my 16 yr old daughter, 16 yr old step son and soon to be 11 yr old step daughter left.  If I can do the same for them as I have for the first two then I will have succeeded as a parent and that is all I want.


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