All About The Curves


If there is one thing I notice about the female body and it’s the curves.  There is something about the curves that just catches the attention.  Really, it’s all about the curves.  Now before you go getting all huffy puffy, yes I am married and yes I love my wife, and no I’m not out banging chics without her involved or anything like that.  I’m just talking about admiring the female body.  Checking them out.  My wife checks out women and men, I have no problem with it.  She’ll even point them out to me on occassion as I will do to her as well.  Though through recent experiences I have learned to start my sentance with “How old do you think she is?” before I go any further.

Anyway back to the curves.  Now I’m sure your saying “There’s more to a woman than just her looks” and I would agree but if I have never met you I’m sorry but I don’t know if your intelligent or dumb as a box of rocks.  I don’t know if your Mother Teresa or a total bitch.  We haven’t talked.  I’m just seeing you for the first time getting into your shower while looking through your window so all I know about you is your curves.

I was thinking about this though and the woman has a lot of curves on her, unless she is extremely skinny, like Sally Struthers, feed the starving children in Africa skinny, with -a cup breasts, then they have a lot of curves.  There is the curve of the neck which is wonderful to slowly lick and kiss.  There is the curve of the lips, which look amazing wrapped around….uh well they look amazing.  Then there is the curve of the back.  There is something about the the back that is just sexy.  Running your tongue from the top of the neck to the crack of her ass, nice and slow, she’ll get shivers trust me.  Then you have the curves of the arms and legs and let me tell you there are some women out there that have some amazing legs.  Legs you want them to wrap around you and hold on as tight as they can.

Then there is the curve of the waste and the hips.  These are amazing curves as well.  This also where the hands normally go when dancing, walking together, or having sex doggy style or various other positions.  It’s a great holding on spot.  Then there is the curve of the tummy.  This is a very sexy and sensual curve as well and a tongue and some kisses here will get you far.  Then there is the curve of the inside of the thigh.  These curves are the gates to heaven.  Follow them and you’ll never wanna leave.  There are the curves of the breasts.  I love the breasts.  Doesn’t matter the size, I mean I do like a C and D or DD but I am just as happy with B and an A.  Doesn’t matter to me if they are real or fake either.  Every womans breast have different curves and they are all wonderful.  Then there is the curve of the ass and OMG there is nothing hotter than hard, heart-shaped ass, though I like all asses.  Then finally the curve of the vaginia lips.  I could talk all day about these lovely curves but I may lose everyone to a lot of self-love and I’d rather you stay with me and read my blogs.  You can do that later.

So, there you have it.  The curves of a woman’s body are plenty and they are wonderful.  The female body is amazing no matter what size or color, I love them all.  The one I love the most though is my wifes I know every curve on her body bindfolded.  Hopefully you agree about the curves of a woman and I’m sure you can say the same about men as well.


3 thoughts on “All About The Curves

  1. sakuraandme

    Hi Robert, 🙂

    What a beautiful thing to say about Shanny Girl. I love the way your so open with each other. And I very much agree about curves and body shapes. If I’m with a man, then I’m with all of him. Weight ,height, looks have nothing to do with it. Loved your post.

    Hugs Paula xxx


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