Those 80’s Hairstyles

Ahhh The 80’s, a time of mosh pits and parachute pants.  When the concerts were big and the hair was bigger.  You had bandana’s around your legs and leggings around your head.  The 80’s singlehandedly contributed to the hole in the ozone with the use of so much hairspray a catagory 5 hurricane couldn’t mess up your hair.  I thought today I would blog a little about those hairstyles and post a few pics from an era that has gone by but will never be forgotten.  Below you will see a few of the female hairstyles.  Though some of them are a little off the wall I will admit that even today a few of those styles I still like and think are hot, but then again I’m an 80’s guy.

Women 1

Women 2

Women 3

Women 4

Women 5

Women 6

Women 7

Women 8

Women 9

Women 10

Women 11

Women 12

Women 13

As you can see the ladies of the 80’s had some wild hairstyles and some big hair too.  But they weren’t the only ones rockin the big hair.  The 80’s spawned a generation of men wanting to look like women with big hair and make-up, mullets, pretty boy cuts, and all around strange cuts.  Don’t believe me just look below.

Men 1

Men 2

Men 3

Men 4

Men 5

Men 6

Men 7

Men 8

Men 9

Men 10

Men 11

Men 12

Men 13

So there you have the hair of the 80’s.  They were some great times, they were some confusing times, and obviously there were some very high times, because with some of those hairstyle you had to have been high to want to do that to your hair but hey that was the 80’s…the decade of excess.


8 thoughts on “Those 80’s Hairstyles

  1. She

    Haha! This made my day! I look forward to 20 years from now and looking back at today’s hairstyles and laughing! Such a funny thought! Thanks for sharing this and following me, Susan x

  2. Jean

    For halloween, I teased my hair way up to look like I had been electrocuted. Bubba looked at me and said, “You look like someone I would have dated in the 80s!” Now I remember what he was talking about.

  3. amadiex

    hahahaha!!! I remember those times….I think! The bigger the hair the better and not to mention as you pointed out it stayed put with the power of hairspray!!


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