The Snakes Are Getting Bigger

Titanoboa Skeleton

If you’re afraid of snakes you’re not going to like this but apparently snakes are getting bigger and no, I don’t mean the one-eyed pink snake either.  I’m talking regular snakes.  Of course we have the Boa and Anaconda both of which are very large snakes themselves but imagine these 16 foot snakes triple in size and a mouth that opens wider than you can spread your arms..  Yep its coming and the thing is they were already here once a long time ago.

During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, high temperatures favored larger reptiles and smaller mammals, in other words, a snake the size of a bus and a horse the size of a house cat.  This lasted about 9 million years starting about the time of the fall of the dinosaurs.  Jonathan Block, a paleontologist, discovered gargantuan turtle fossils and a snake known as Titanoboa from that period.  When the temperatures spiked twice, mammals shrunk in size.  The thought is mammals have a harder time regulating body temperatures and finding nutrition.

Even though this thought of gigantic snakes can be unnerving, or cool thinking about a football sized horse, it’s not projected right now.  These changes are expected to take several centuries.  This is due to the changes in the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature and how it is slowly warming.  However our great-great-grandchildren will most likely have to deal with these creatures at some point.  Which is fine we’ll be dead by then so it won’t matter right?



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