TV Show Reboots

It would seem TV land has decided to reboot a bunch of old TV shows and turn some old movies into TV shows as well.  Below is a list of those TV/Movie reboots.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

1.  “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” — ABC Family is developing a young-adult version of the 1992 Rebecca De Mornay thriller about a homicidal nanny who terrorizes a suburban family.  Honestly, I don’t see this making it.  It’s just not the same if you can’t have the R rating stuff that the movie had in it.

2.  “Charmed”  — CBS has announced plans to revamp the ’90s WB drama that starred Shannon Doherty (later replaced by Rose McGowan), Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs as a trio of sister witches.  Even the original actresses have expressed this show shouldn’t be remade.

3.  “Murder She Wrote” — Octavia Spencer will try to fill Angela Lansbury’s shoes as a mystery writer-turned-detective in NBC’s update.  Another one they should have left closed and on the shelf in my opinion.

4.  “Remington Steele”  — NBC is planninig a follow-up to the Pierce Brosnan-Stephanie Zimbalist ’80s hit, this time as a half-hour comedy following the daughter of the original duo.  This one I think might be interesting.  I liked the original and I think this might be an original concept.

5.  “Star Trek”  — Robert Orci (co-writer of the big-screen “Trek” reboot) has reportedly met with CBS about reviving the beloved sci-fi franchise with a new TV series.  Now you can never go wrong with Star Trek in my opinion.  I have liked every series and movie and with the success of the last two movies you knew a new series would eventually come.

6.  “Fargo”  — FX’s miniseries will use the revered Coen brothers film as a springboard to tell a new story with new charactors starring Bill Bob Thorton and “Sherlock’s” Martin Freeman.  I’m kinda ifie on this one.  I just don’t know if this will fly or not with the people.

7.  “Falcon Crest”  — The original stars of CBS’s ’80s primetime soap say they’ve been approached by “Crest” writers about resurrecting the series.  I believe there are enough soaps on TV as it is, we don’t need a resurrected one too.

8.  “Love, American Style”  — CBS is developing a modern take on the ’70s comedy anthology that spawned “Happy Days”.  Another one I’m just not sure about.  It was good for it’s time but I don’t think todays younger generation will go for it.

9.  “12 Monkeys”  — Syfy is adapting the 1995 Bruce Willis – Brad Pitt time-traveling sci-fi flick into a new series, which will launch with a 90 minute backdoor pilot.  Now this one I think will do well and could actually work.

10.  “Reality Bites”  — The iconic ’90s slacker comedy is getting turned into a TV series, courtesy of NBC and “Bites” director Ben Stiller.  Here is one that has the potential to go either way.

11.  “Outbreak”  —  “ER” producer John Wells is developing an hour-long drama based on the 1995 monkey-virus thriller for NBC.  I liked the movie but honestly I don’t see how this would work as a TV series.

12.  “The Exorcist”  — A fresh take on the classic devil-possession horror film has been shopped around to TV networks, but no deal has been struck yet.  NOW this one I think would be awesome and hey maybe my wife will watch this one since it is a TV show and not the “movie”.

13.  “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”  — The ’80s syndicated staple, with Robin Leach showing us how the super-wealthy live, is being revamped with Nick Cannon as host.   I used to watch this all the time but honestly I’m not sure I would watch a revamped versioin today.

14.  “The Flash”  — A CBS version bombed in the ’90s, but The CW is trying a new take on the lightning-fast DC Comics superhero from the creative team behind “Arrow,” starring “Glee’s” Grant Gustin.  Another one I’m not sure about.  They need to do it right, believeable special effects, and villians with superpowers.

15.  “Wonder Woman”  —  NBC just rejected a “Wonder Woman” pilot a few years back, but The CW has developed their own version “Amazon” from “Heroes” writer Eli Coleite.

16.  The Wizard of Oz”  — There are no less than 5 “Oz” TV remakes in development, including a CBS medical drama and a post-apocalyptic Syfy miniseries.   Now the miniseries sounds quite interesting.


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