We Have Become Too Sensitive

Politically Correct

I believe that today as a society we have become too sensitive.  Now I’m not talking about a guy who will cry during a sad movie or write a woman a poem.  I’m talking about being offended by what others say and do.  I remember growing up it was nothing to tell a dirty joke with both girls and guys present and nobody got offended.  Up until a certain point we had a moment of silence in school for those who wished to pray.  When I got in trouble my mother would chase me with the flyswatter or my grandmother would send me out to the peach tree to pick a bundle of switches.  Hell, my father even spanked me with his belt one time….gasp.  These things didn’t morally corrupt me.  They didn’t make me grow up to be a deviant rapist killer.  I did 20 years in the Air Force, served during multiple wars and conflicts raised 2 well-adjusted adult children of my own and still have several more almost out the door with one straggling behind.  I haven’t been arrested or raped anyone.  I’m an upstanding member of my community and I’m looked up to at work.  BTW I even listened to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as a kid and I looked at porn too…I still do all those things.  I know another gasp.

For some reason, our generation who went through all these things, and never had any issues with it as children, somewhere early in adulthood, decided there are problems with it.  We have to be politically correct.  Why?  We have to be sensitive to atheists because they don’t believe in God?  Why?  What about being sensitive to those who do believe in God?  It’s a two way street I say.  We have to watch our “foul” language and the jokes so we don’t offend someone.  Why won’t an apology suffice if I do offend them?  Finally we can’t discipline our children, at least in public, for fear of having the police called for child abuse.  Why?  I turned out just fine and sorry it wasn’t abuse, the back of the hand or a closed fist is abuse.  Leaving bruises on purpose, breaking bones, making them bleed, that’s abuse.  Giving them a time out or putting them in a corner is not disciple.  Its teaching them there is no real consequence for their actions and they will continue to act like demon spawn until you put them in their place or they become adults and someone else puts them in their place.

We as a society have been so worried about everyone else and what they say and do and how it affects us as an individual we have become a bunch of winey ass pussies who cry at the littlest things whether someone said a bad word, dirty joke, watched a porn, got drunk and ran naked down the street, or showed some discipline for their child in an attempt to teach them right from wrong and that there are consequences for their actions.  We need to grow some balls and get some thicker skin, throw out this politically correct bullshit and stop worrying about how other people are raising their kids and start worrying about how we are raising our own. 


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