Have You Done Your Resolutions?


I was sitting and thinking.  Thinking and sitting.  Wondering what to blog about and I thought about my New Years resolutions.  I couldn’t remember all of them so I went back to my blog I did on them “To Resolute Or Not To Resolute, That Is The Question” to see what they were and if I had completed any of them or not.  I was a little surprised at what the results were so I figured I would blog about the results since we are nearing the end of the year with only a few months left to go.  So here are my resolutions and the results.

  • Find a job that pays more then the one I am currently in that I will be losing in 2 weeks. (I think this one is a no-brainer for the list).  Well I didn’t actually find a job that pays more.  I found one that paid the same then that contract ended and I became a fed employee which actually pays less but it is stable.  Of course with the government shutdown I haven’t been getting paid at all.
  • Walk my oldest daughter down the aisle in March at her wedding.  This I did get to do.  I was so proud of her and she looked so beautiful.  I even blogged the photos from her wedding.
  • Get 4 new tires for my car.  This is funny but again it’s not.  I had a cracked rim actually two so I have had 14 flats on my car, I got one of the rims replaced finally but that caused another issue needless to say.  Either way, I got more than 4 new tires for my car and not by choice.
  • Buy the Original series of Star Trek on DVD.  This is done.  Now on to Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.
  • Buy the Star Wars Special Edition Box Set on Blu-Ray.  Sadly I have not done this yet, I am very disappointed with myself on this.
  • Go to my son’s graduation at the end of May.  This one I achieved.  Another proud moment for me.  He graduated top of his class, honors, suma cam lauda with 4 collage scholorships.  He is now attending University of Florida.  I do believe I also blogged his graduation as well.
  • Move out of the ghetto apartments and into a house in a nice neighborhood.  Well I did move out of the ghetto apartments but not into a house.  It was a rush move so we are still in apartments but they are 10 times nicer.  My next move is to be in a house by next summer.
  • Have a 3-some with my wife and Charlize Theron.  Again sadly this has not happened yet.  Unfortunately just too many scheduling conflict with her movies and such but I’m still working on it.
  • Be a successful published writer.  I don’t know about successful but I am published.  I am also working on a full length book and possible series of that book.
  • Cure my depression and come off the meds.  Well I haven’t been on my meds in a while but the depression is far from cured.
  • Get a new tattoo.  Haven’t had the money to do this and I’m dying for new ink.
  • Take a vacation to New York.  Still haven’t done yet.
  • Go to a Steeler’s game.  Still haven’t done this yet either but the season is early yet.
  • Become a regular cast member on The Walking Dead.  Still working on this one as well.
  • Bring my wife out of retirement and get her to play Monopoly again.  Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m working on her.  I think I’m getting close.
  • Win a game of Trivial Pursuit against my wife.  I have won a few games but unfortunately I have lost more games than I have won.
  • Have a 3-some with my wife and a woman that we would actually have a real chance with and not some fantasy actress.  Alas this has not happened yet either.  Don’t know if it will.  More guys want to do my wife, than women want to do me it seems.
  • Ban condoms for the safer approach; The Pull-Out Method.  This one is tough, damn government is fighting me on this.
  • Lose weight and get back into shape.  I am working on this but it is very tough.
  • Solve world thirst.  Another hard one, too many people just can’t get enough to drink.
  • Take a ride on the new commercial ship to space.  Right now it just takes more money than what I got but one day.
  • Meet an alien from space.  There are a few people I have met I wonder if they aren’t an alien from outerspace.
  • Try every shot that doesn’t contain Tequila in my Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots.  Well I haven’t tried them all but I have tried several.  Though I won’t be trying any for quite some time now.  Maybe Father’s Day or something.
  • Be on the cover of The Rolling Stone.  Had an appointment but damn security didn’t believe me and threw me out so they thought I just didn’t show and they went with someone else.  I’m working to get a new appointment.
  • Survive the zombie apocalypse.  I am surviving it considering it seems it has already started, slowly, if you have read previous posts you will see why.

So those were my resolutions and the results of them.  As you can see I have completed a good majority of them…..go me.  But there are several, tougher ones, I have yet to achieve, but as my wife likes to say, I’m a bulldog, so I won’t stop till I have completed them all.  If I have to keep adding them to each New Years resolution until I do then I will.  So have you done any of your New Years resolutions?  I’d like to know.



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