Song Association

I believe we all have, at one time or another associated a song with either a particular event in our lives or with a particular person.  So, whenever we hear that song, we immediately think of that place, person, or time that we associated with that song.  That’s how we remember certain memories no matter if they are good or bad memories.  Whether they make us laugh or cry.  Below are a few songs that I have that I associated with people, places, and times, and would love to hear a few of yours as well.  You will see songs I associate with times in my life, people like my grandparents, parents, and wife.  Don’t think because I talk about hard times with my wife that it means we are divorcing or anything like that, it just means I take certain things between us a little more emotional than most would think I do and more than I show.

George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today.  This is a song, I have always loved but when my grandmother passed, it really hit me hard so I can only imagine how hard it hit my grandfather.  So when he passed away I immediately thought of this song and thought, “He stopped loving her today”.  Damn I’m tearing up just writing this.

9 Inch Nails – Closer.  This song I associate with my wife but not for the reasons you may think LOL.  It’s because this was one of the first mp3’s I sent her for her mp3 player and I was shocked that she had never heard it before.  Of course she liked it but ever since when I hear this song I think of that event in time in our relationship.

Jamey Johnson – In Color.  Even though this song is about a boy and his grandfather talking to each other, I associate it with me and my father.  I think of all the times when I visit and we sit out by his pool and sit and drink a few beers and just talk about everything from politics and stuff happening today to old stories of when he and I were younger.

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah.  This song reminds me of when Shannon and I started dating.  It was one of our “songs”.  Yes we had several…lol

Green Day – Oh Love.  This song is a reminder of all the hard times and struggles’ me and my wife have had had during our marriage and how we have fought to keep our love alive and marriage together.

Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls.  Whenever I hear this song, I think of all times when I was a teenager and hitting the parties in the parking lots, friends’ houses, in the back woods, or on Daytona Beach, looking to get blasted and get laid.

Alice Cooper – How You Gonna See Me Now.  This one is a little personal for me and with all that I have been through since working mortuary affairs in the military and the things I struggle with mentally and emotionally, especially over the past 3 years, when I hear this and sing it I feel like I’m doing more than just singing the song but really asking the question “How you gonna see me now” and more specifically to my wife.

Alice Cooper – I Never Cry.  This is another one that I associate with the hardships and struggles’ me and my wife have.  Whenever I hear and sing this song I really feel it and wonder can she hear the sincerity in my voice or does she just hear the song?

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok.  You may laugh but this actually reminds me of a funny night when I was TDY to Thailand and a group of us were visiting the red light district in Bangkok.  It was one of the funniest nights of my life.  I actually talked about it in my Thailand post I did last year.

Whitesnake – Hear I Go Again.  This is just a nostalgia song for me.  It reminds me of my youth and how much easier things were back then.  How I didn’t have all the worries I have now.

Blake Shelton – The Baby.  Now this is about a son and his mother but I always associate it with my grandmother.  I loved her very much and can’t look at a picture of her to this day without crying.  All she ever wanted was to see me in my Air Force uniform and never got the chance.  I was in Tech School when I got the call she passed away.  I flew home as fast as I could only to get there in time for the funeral.  I was heartbroken I never got to see her and say goodbye before she left this world.

Bowling For Soup – 1985.  Again another song that reminds me of how great the 80’s were and how I sit and wonder sometimes, where did the time go?  Take me back to 1985!

So that is just a short list of songs that I have for you.  The great thing about music is you can associate so many of them with so many different memories.  There are more I’m sure but I figured I’d keep it short.  So tell me what are some of your songs and what do you associate them with?


2 thoughts on “Song Association

  1. Shannygirl

    okay.. so you wanted my list of songs.

    You are my Sunshine and Angel flying to close to the ground (both by Willie Nelson) – My mom would sing you are my sunshine to me every time I was sick. To this day I tear up when I hear it and when I sing to my own babies. Angel flying to close to the ground because she is gone now and she really liked Willie Nelson.

    The Baby by Blake Shelton- even though I’m a female I’m the baby. I got the call that she was dying and just like the song, when I got there everyone had been crying and she was gone.

    Nine Inch Nails – I wanna fuck you like an animal reminds me of you when we first started dating. You sent this song to me and I was like.. oh shit!! What have I gotten myself into.

    Pat Benatar- Promises in the dark..Reminds me of myself and how I keep doing it even when I say I’m never going to again

    Journey – Faithfully … My first love

    Meatloaf- Warm summer days in Fla, driving down back country roads and singing at the top of our lungs.

    Leann Rimes – How do I live without you. Now this is a different take on the song for me. When my son was born this song came out. I had already had 1 miscarriage and almost lost him. He was born despite being punched in my stomach while pregnant and raped (yeah.. nice sperm donor).. I had never loved anyone as much as that big 8 lb 15oz baby.. and I couldn’t imagine m y life without him.. so this was my song to him and still is.

    and lastly. right now with everything going on between us and in my own head is

    Hurry up and slow me down by Sara Evans.. just because I’m so tired..


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