The Nipple Piercing

If you know me you know I love piercings on women.  To me they are just damn hot as hell.  Ears, eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, nipples, belly button, clit, get them all pierced I say.  Today however, I’m going to focus on the nipple.  The nipple is a wondrous thing.  There is something about the nipple that is just arousing.  Maybe because it’s attached to the breast, I don’t know.  However, you add a piercing to it and it is suddenly 10x more erotic, not to mention the nipple becomes more sensitive.  I should know I have a nipple piercing myself.  It’s an amazing feeling having your nipple sucked with a piercing in let me tell you.  Now getting it pierced is another story.

This story is not to scare you away from getting your nipple pierced by any means because I still promote it, if for no other reason than you and your partners own sexual enjoyment.  Now I have 5 tattoos and none of my tattoos hurt so I figured if I can sit through them and they not hurt me then a piercing to the nipple should be simple.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

Well, first he put the clamp on my nipple to pull it away from my body to make it easier to get the needle through.  Now this right from the start was hurting but it was a bearable pain.  I figured if this was the worst of it then I’m doing well.  Next he gets this big ass needle, which I will admit gave me pause, and says he is going to count to 3.  He says “1” then pushes the needle through my nipple.  I’m thinking what the FUCK happened to 2 and 3 you fucking lying bastard.  My leg shot straight out as I said “Fuck” he takes the nipple ring and begins to feed it through as he pulls the needle out at the same time.  I say “Fuck” again.  Then “Fuck” a third time.  All I could say was “Fuck” and “Motherfucker.”  This shit hurt.  The only thing that hurt worse than this was my vasectomy.    My God I was in so much pain.  Now my wife, girlfriend at the time, was going to get her tongue pierced after me.  Well, after seeing my reaction, she chickened out.  To this day she hasn’t gotten her tongue pierced to my disappointment.   Even though it was a painful experience it was well worth it, just like my vasectomy.  Maybe I’ll tell you the story about my vasectomy in another post.  Anyway, it was worth the pain because the pleasure from the piercing is great.  So don’t let the pain stop you because the pleasure you get afterwards is well worth it.  Take it from me, I’m a survivor and I’m enjoying every minute of it.


8 thoughts on “The Nipple Piercing

  1. sakuraandme

    Hey Robert, 🙂
    I’m way too scared to go through that! Lol
    I could almost feel your pain. I so don’t blame Shanny from not going ahead with it.
    Hope you both have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xx


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