You Must Be Insane

Those who have been following my blog for awhile know that I don’t go in the ocean past my ankles unless I’m in a boat.  I love sharks…..cooked.  They taste great.  Other than that…no way am I getting in the water.  They rule the ocean and I’m not invading there home.  I used to surf as a teenager and after having a shark circle me at Daytona Beach in Florida I never got in the ocean again unless I was secure inside a boat.  That is why I think anyone who goes out there and purposely puts themselves at risk to be a human snack pack is insane.  Below is a video of another idiot who was out spear fishing and had a run in with a great white shark.  You hear the terror in his voice.  He is lucky he had that spear to get away and that the boat was close by.


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