How Well Do I Know My Wife?

So my wife did this quiz and she did pretty well so I thought I would do it as well.  Though I feel like I’m not going to do as well as she did but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.


1.  When I turn on the TV, which channel do I usually turn to first?

2.  What is my favorite thing to do (away from the kids)?

3.  What is my biggest fear?

4.  Ketchup on my fries or on the side?

5.  Who is my favorite band of all time?

6.  Do I start my shower facing the shower head or with my back to it?

7.  What is my favorite day of the year?

8.  What would I do with a million dollars?

9.  What is my dream job?

10.  What is my biggest pet peeve?

11.  What do I love most about you?

My answers:

1.  You first look through the movies then you go to the ID channel and look at the “Who killed the spouse shows” then the “Ghost Story” shows

2.  Window shop at Michaels, Khols, the mall, and exercise

3.  Starving

4.  On the side

5.  Motley Crue

6.  Facing it

7.  Halloween

8.  Pay off debt then put about 5% in checking and all the rest into savings.

9.  That’s tough.  I know you wanted to be a cop in the military but couldn’t.  You thought about being a civilian cop but I’m going to go with being a writer.

10.  Oh you have so many I don’t know which one to choose.  Liars.  You don’t like liars.

11.  The fact that I love you unconditionally.


4 thoughts on “How Well Do I Know My Wife?

  1. Shannygirl

    1. You are correct!
    2. I hate window shopping baby.. it reminds me that I can’t afford anything
    3. Yes.. I do fear that the most
    4. On the side w/ salt on it
    5. My boys!!
    6. Yup yup..let the hot water hit the front first
    7. Halloween it is
    8. Exactly.. but 5% seems a bit much in checking
    9. That is a hard one.. because Cop was my dream job. But yeah, Writer works
    10. I do hate liars.. but I think Sneaky people I think is my biggest. Everybody lies.. that can be forgiven but if your being sneaky (purposely trying to lie).. yeah I hate that most.
    11. You love that you love me unconditionally most? I’m confused.


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