Movies That Can Mess With Your Head

Every now and then there is a movie that comes along that can just mess with your mind and how you look at things.  They make you alter how you perceive reality and force you to think about things in a different way.  Below is my list of movies that do just that.


Everything takes place all in your head.  They are out to make an epic heist but do so by traveling through 3 different levels of one man’s dreaming subconscious.

12 Monkeys

In the future everyone is forced underground due to a virus.  Bruce’s character is offered in exchange for a pardon to go back in time and find out who is responsible for the virus and to get a pure sample.  In the end he ends up dying in an airport in front of a young boy who was actually him as a child.  This turns out to be the recurring dream that he has had about an airport shooting.

Dark City

Amnesiac John Murdoch wakes up accused of murder and a group of men called the strangers after him.  His wife, a detective, and a doctor (Kiefer Sutherland) are all searching for him as well.  He eventually discovers why the city  is always shrouded by darkness.

Fight Club

This is about a man who is unhappy with life.  He meets Tyler Durden and joins the Fight Club.  It’s not till near the end that you figure out that Tyler was created by the narrator himself and never really existed.

The Matrix

The whole premise of this is that humans are living in a computer dream world controlled by computers.  They can break from and live in the real world and learn to control the dream world but in the end the real question is are they really breaking free of the dream world or is breaking free just a dream itself.

Donnie Darko

Donnie begins receiving visions that the world will end in 28 days.  It has time travel and alternate universes and a 6-foot tall talking bunny rabbit that lend to the confusing nature of the movie itself.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall

This is based on the popular album of the same name.  It’s about a singer who is having a nervous breakdown and you go through his childhood to the present.  The visualations of animation and live action are an amazing trip especially if you watch it with a little help if you know what i’m getting at.  It can truly mess with your head.

Jacob’s Ladder

This movie centers around a Vietnam veteran Jacob Singer, whose experiences both prior to and during the war resulted In weird flashbacks and bizarre hallucinations that haunt him.  As it gets worse he tries to figure out the truth.  At the end you learn he never really made it out of Vietnam and you see his body in an Army triage tent just after he died.


3 thoughts on “Movies That Can Mess With Your Head

  1. Shannygirl

    lets see here… I don’t think I’ve ever seen inception.. I know I’ve seen 12 monkeys but I don’t remember it.. must not have enjoyed it.. Never seen Dark City or Fight Club..Didn’t care for the Matrix and Donnie Darko was just fucked up..Pink floyd’s the Wall is simply amazing.. especially if you have herbal help in understanding it.. and Jacobs Ladder.. omg..even at the end I was literally asking.. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED???? ..btw.. NO I do not want to see those other movies..


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