The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Have you ever done something that you wished you could do different?  How about changing something you don’t really think is a major deal but because someone you love was hurt because of it, you feel bad?  It could be anything from smarting off to someone to buying a loved one a gift.  It doesn’t have to be major decisions in our past but simple decisions that we just wish we could change.  Last week we watched The Butterfly Effect, and if you haven’t seen this movie, it is a good one, but the main character figures out a way to change events in the past with his mind.  Basically he is travelling back in time but only his mind does, so he ends up in his body in the past while his present body stays in the where it’s at.  One thing he figures out is, even if he changes things for the good, there is always something bad to go with it and no matter how much he tries to fix it, a new good and a new bad happen.

This got me to thinking today that no matter what decision we make in our lives there will also always be ripple effects and there will always be something good and something bad happen.  Now that something good could be as simple as self-gratification and the bad being hurting someone you love.  Say you go outside when it’s raining and go for a run.  The good could be you got your exercise in but the bad might be you caught a cold.  Another example might be you bought your loved one an expensive gift for their birthday.  The good would be the look on their face when they see it and knowing you made them happy but the bad might be the fact that you are now in debt and your checking account has $4 in it.  It’s all relative but I do believe it applies to almost any choice we make. 

If we were to go back and change some of those choices we don’t like, sure we will have a different outcome and we may have a different good but it also means a different bad may happen or the bad that did happen may be worse this time around, it’s like ripples in the water.  The only thing I see that could change this scenario is how others interact with our choices. 

I personally have numerous decisions that I have made throughout my life that I wish I could change but with that change I have no idea what the outcome will be.  Will the good be the one I want and what will the bad be that follows?  Is it a bad I can live with or not?  I recently made a couple more choices, that in the overall grand scheme, the choices themselves I don’t believe were all that big, but because they hurt someone I love, I have come to regret those decisions regardless and if I could go back and change them I would, despite not knowing how it would change the future though I’m sure the good would be the loved one would not be hurt and the bad being something as simple as not having instant gratification.  When it’s all said and done, we can’t control the ripples in time, we can’t control the outcomes of our decisions, what good will happen and what bad will happen. We can guess but we truly don’t know until after it has happened.  What we do and can control are the decisions we make and we do know if it will upset those around us or not.  What we choose to do from there is on us.  Sometimes we get it right, and if you’re anything like me, a lot of times you get it wrong.  I only hope my ratio changes before the effects are more than I can bare.


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