Thankfully The Movies Are Wrong…Sometimes…..

Futuristic Movie Timeline

Most people will watch a science fiction movie and not really pay any attention to the timeline of the movie or basically when the event is supposed to be happening.  Most of the time these events are based in our future, other times it’s our present just an alternate present.  Now if you believe in the string theory, then you believe that there are an infinite number of earths existing across different dimensions.  This means there are an infinite number of me and you as well.  If you ever watched “Sliders” with Jerry O’Connell you will understand, it was an awesome T.V. show, at least until he left the show the last season.  Anyway I’m getting off topic.

So like I was saying most people don’t pay attention to when these events are supposed to happen.  I have often wondered “have we passed that time yet” for this move or that movie.  So I thought I would sit down and go through a plethora of movies with you and their timelines to determine if they have passed, are now, coming up, or are still way in the future.


A Clockwork Orange:  This was actually set in 1995 so right there we have already passed this timeline for this move.  This was actually based on a book as well.  Now as for the plot, it was based on a future society in England that has a culture of extreme youth violence, the teen anti-hero gives a first-person narration of his violent exploits and experiences with state authorities intent on reforming him.  Hmmm, sounds to me like this timeline is one that the book and movies actually got right.  If you look at today’s society and youth I think you will agree throughout the decades as far back as the 60s even our youth have gotten as a whole but not all youth, more and more dysfunctional.  We have youth gangs bent on violence and destruction and gain pleasure from it.  At the same time the authorities have always tried to put these youth in programs or prison with the intent on reforming them and making them productive members of society.  So, my hats off, to the writer of the book and those who made the movie for getting this timeline right.

Escape From NY:  This was set in 1997, again a timeline that has passed.  In this timeline crime is out of control and New York City is a maximum security prison.  Well they haven’t built any prison walls around NY City yet that I know of so I’d say they were off on this one.

Terminator 1-3 and Salvation.  There are 2 timelines in this, the first two was 29 Aug 1997 but they stopped it in the second movie only really just delayed it.  In the 3rd and 4th movie it happened in 24 Jul 2004.  Here is when the machines start thinking and taking over the world and declaring war on the humans.  Well both timelines have passed and thank God neither have happened.

2001 A Space Odyssey:  As the name implies this is set in 2001.  In this movie black monoliths are affecting human evolution and after going to Jupiter they trace a signal by a monolith there to another one on the moon.  So, here we have a movie about alien technology and space travel.  Only a few have gone, many have claimed to have seen aliens here on earth and we all know the government covers up anything to do with alien contact, so there really is no way to say something like this has or has not happened.  We have sent robotic explorers to Mars, and Jupiter, and we have been to the moon (contrary to what some might believe), so who knows what we may have found that the government isn’t telling us about (and I’ve worked for the gov. for 22 yrs).  I mean do you really think we invented Velcro all on own?

Freejack:  this was based in 2009 where in the future everything is for sale and there is a “spiritual switchboard” in which souls are suspended and can be transferred into another body.  Well we don’t have the ability to snatch people from the past and bring them to the future yet but today pretty much everything is for sale, even your soul for the right price and if you believe in demon possession you can be possessed by another being.

The Postman:  This was set in 2013.  So effectively this should have happened this year and with our current situation with the government shutdown……..well it still may yet to happen.  Granted the fall of the society and government happened in the 1990s in the movie, we could just be looking at the timeline being off a bit.

Robocop:  In the original this is set to happen in 2015, in the remake coming out it is 2028.  Now we are getting into our near future.  This is a future where man is kept alive by having most of his body turned into machine.  I would say we are actually not that far from this technology today.  We have made great strides in limb replacement as it stands.

Back To The Future 2:  This is also set in 2015.  Those of you who haven’t seen this better have been born after 2000 and your parents have failed in their parenting and never had the opportunity to sit down with you and watch the back to the future movies.  Here Marty goes in the future, future Biff takes a copy of the sports almanac and steals the Delorean and goes back to the 50s and gives it to his past self so he becomes rich in their present time.  Obviously, there are no Delorean time machines that we are aware of or any for that matter so they got this one wrong.

Pacific Rim:  This is set in 2020.  Earth is at war with an alien race of colossal monsters.  This is one timeline that has not happened yet and if you believe in aliens as I do then there is no way to say that this won’t happen at some point.

Star Wars I –VI:  I shouldn’t have to explain the premise of these movies to you; if you have never seen them then you are dead to me, so do not talk.  George Lucas was smart with this one, he didn’t set a specific time line.  These movies all take place “A long, long, time ago….” So this could be any time in our future and we may never pass that timeline.

Now there are so many other movies out there and a lot of them I would love to talk about but I think this is long enough so I will just say look at the movie timeline I posted at the top of this blog and you decide what you think on those.


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