There Goes My Trip To The Great Wall!

Asian Giant Hornet


This is a picture of the Asian Giant Hornet.  Basicly the pitbull of the wasp species.  This is totally insane.  These creatures should not be allowed to exist.  Seriously, look at that picture.  Do you see the size of this fucking thing?  Now if you have been following my blog from the beginning or at least read some of my blogs in the beginning you know I don’t do any kind of bee or wasp due to past experiences.  They are unnatural and look like demon spawn.

So when I heard about this story about giant asian hornets in China that have killed 42 people since July and injured 1,675 I had to see what they look like.  Their venom destroys the red blood cells which causes kidney failure and death but the bigger problem is the fact that some people are naturally alergic to stinging insects and bees and wasps and their venom can cause an alergic reaction in these people causing an anaphylactic reaction which could cause their airway to close and cardiac arrest.

All I can say is this is totally insane.  There has to be a way to target these things and kill them.  For all the bee and wasp lovers out there they don’t have to kill every species, though I would prefer they did, I’m just saying create something genetically engineered to specifically annihilate this specific species.  Yep I said it, I’m talking the extinction of the giant asian hornet.  So, I guess I won’t be taking that trip to the Great Wall of China anytime soon, at least not while them damn things are flying around killing people.


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