So You Like My Tattoos Do You?

Bar Scene

I thought I would give the ladies a few tips in this blog.  I know sometimes you may be out at the bar or the dance club looking for some hot guy to take home and sometimes it’s not so easy to get in our pants.  Well, I’m here to give you a few tips that should help you to ensure the guy you snare on your night out, puts out, that night.

The first thing you want to do is wear something sexy out.  Something that shows cleavage and leg, and possibly your mid drift too but this is optional.  Next, once you are there is ask if you can sit with him.  This way it makes it easier to start a conversation.  A good conversation starter, if he has visible tattoos is to comment on them.  Tell him they are cool, ask to see them, ask how many he has and to show you them.  Touch his tattoos as he shows you them, because your not only touching his tattoo your touching him and this can be sensual.  People with tattoos are proud of their ink and love to show them off.  Ask what he is drinking, and tell him what you are drinking, maybe even talk about each of your favorite drinks.  He will no doubt ask about you, kindly tell him but don’t go overboard and tell him your life story.  If you have kids, tell him up front.  If your married, tell him up front.  Then go from there.  If you get him drunk enough you being married probably won’t matter.  Next, talk about him.  Ask about him.  Let him talk about himself.  While he is doing so, keep eye contact, showing that you are interested in what he is saying.  If he makes a joke, laugh even if it is corny, while doing so, do that hand on his arm or leg tap while you laugh.  It shows your not afraid to be intimate with him and like his body.

If your at a dance club, ask him to dance.  If your at a bar, ask him if he likes to dance.  If he says yes, then ask he would like too.  Don’t dance more than 2 songs.  Sit down and take a break.  Let a few songs go by before you go back out.  About the 5th song you should be dancing to a slow song.  This is your opportunity to get real close to him.  Nibble on his neck letting him know you want something later.

Throughout the night, ensure you and he are keeping pace with the drinks, this will help settle the nerves and loosen the tongue.  After several hours go by start being more flirty.  Be more touchy, feely.  Even a little dirtier.  Make sexual jokes.  Show the cleavage a lot.  Get closer too him, letting him know you want him physically.  When you go back out to dance, make your dancing dirtier, grinding your body against his, your sure to get a rise out of him.

As it starts getting closer to the end of the night, start slyly talking about how hot he is and how bad you want him.  Ask him if he wants to leave and go back to his place or somewhere else.  If your single offer your place.  If his place is out, a hotel room works, the back seat works.  When you get to where your going, don’t give him time to think, start kissing and undressing him immediately.  I guarantee you, assuming he isn’t one minute charlie or got a penis the size of a shrimp, you should be sufficiently satisfied by the time the night is done.  When you leave, assuming it was good, offer to see him again, and exchange names and numbers.  If not, then just go on your way and start over the next night.

So ladies, there are my tips to help you pick up a man and get in his pants on the same night.  Hopefully this helps you have less frustrating and lonely nights going home alone.


4 thoughts on “So You Like My Tattoos Do You?

  1. jokelly65

    a few more things LOL do not talk about how great your hair is, how fantastic your nails are, or how much your dress and purse cost or how hot you think you are.

    do not talk about exs unless the guy asks.

    spiked heels are a plus….but we dont care who made them or how much they cost.


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