An Interview With Shannon (Morticia) Nelson


Below is an interview I conducted with my wife Shannon (Morticia) Nelson today 1 Oct 2013.

Rob:  On 9 April 2006 you sent me a message on Myspace asking if I remembered you and I said yes and had always thought about you and wandered what you were doing.  That was basically when our “adult” relationship started.  From there we progressed to talking on chat and eventually webcam. 

Rob:  Who were some of your crushes when you were a teenager?

Shannon:  Hmm…let’s see…people I knew…James Cole, Chris Zipperer…Vince Righte…that’s about it.. now celebs… Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Prince..Bret Michaels…Rod Stewart.  The list could go on and on and on, the only other person I would mention is you.  I had a huge crush on you which is why I never talked to you. 

Rob:  Wow.  That’s some list there, I’m glad I made it in there…lol.  So just how do you know me?  Give me the full story.

Shannon:  I knew OF you in school…I even snapped your picture in Jr. High.  We had all the same friends and I even spent a great deal of time in the ROTC room…but I had such a crush on you I just couldn’t talk to you.  As we grew older, I always wondered what happened to Robert Nelson…then on April 9, 2006 I found you on Myspace and sent you a message asking if you remembered me…and you did. 

Rob:  Do you remember what your first thoughts were when you saw me on cam? 

I thought you were sexy as hell.. ESPECIALLY in your uniform with that military body and haircut

Rob:  Well thank you, I am sexy aren’t I?  It’s a curse.  So what is your favorite sexual position?

Shannon:  All of them, you are talking to Mrs. Freak.

Rob:  That you are and I love it.  What were your first thoughts the first time I flew to Texas to see you?

Shannon:  I was nervous as hell,  I didn’t want you to come there, see me and decide that I was too fat and ugly for you then you leave and I never speak to you again.

Rob:  Well that wasn’t going to happen, you have always been a sexy and beautiful woman.  What did you feel when we kissed?

Shannon:  A world of emotions.  I wanted you to love me and honestly…it had been years since anyone kissed me like that.. my mind and heart were swirled together in that moment. 

Rob:  How bad did you want what happened after we went into the hotel room?

Shannon:  WTF…what kind of questions are these anyways?  You know how bad I wanted it to happen…you tell everyone you can I had you naked in 5 minutes.  It’s all I could think about after that kiss.

Rob:  What do you remember about that weekend?  Tell me everything.

Shannon:  I remember everything…the kiss, the mind-blowing sex…the cold ass…trying to find a place to eat…Hooters being closed,  Mexican-gangsta-ville, flying over the bump in the road, Shlotzky’s, the dinner, seeing the movie and wanting to leave so I could get you back in the hotel room, walking the mall…I remember you saying goodbye, then I went back to the mall and cried on the phone to Nikki…and I could still feel your hand in mine…hoping you’d find the note I left you…knowing you probably wouldn’t so I had to “ask” you if you did..

Rob:  Well that’s a lot to remember.  Fast forward a little, who in the world laughs and cries when they are hit with a ham?

Shannon:  Who in the world laughs at the site of a man in baggy period clothing singing to 2 fat men sitting at a table eating dinner?

Rob:  Your answering my question with a question!!!!  And to answer your question, everyone laughs at that, that’s shits funny.  Okay let’s move on, do you think there is still a private investigator following us and do you think there ever was one?

Shannon:  No and No.

Rob:  What were your thoughts when you learned my real name was Kevin and I was being dishonorably discharged from the Air Force?

Shannon:  I thought…Damn…that just figures…just my luck!

(Note:  this was reference her ex, my name is not Kevin and I was honorably discharged from the Air Force after 20 years of service)

Rob:  What would be your most memorable time together with me and why?

Shannon:  Our honeymoon.  It was a time of new beginnings and everything seemed like it was the right path and things were going to be great.

Rob:  Oh.  Well that is a memorable time.  I was thinking more of when you came to visit me here in VA and I gave you 6 orgasms in one day but that’s a different memory.  What are some other memories you have of us together?

Shannon:  The reason I call you Superman…you flying in to Texas to help me move out…then again to protect me during Hurricane Ike.  Getting our tattoo’s…getting your nipple pierced.  Us people watching. 

Rob:  Do you ever brag to “the girls” about what sex is like with me so they know what you have that they don’t?

Shannon:  Sorry to burst your bubble here but no.  Do you brag to the guys so they know what you don’t have?

Rob:  I don’t believe you, all women do it.  Yes some things.  I don’t tell everything, some things are for me to know only.  What are some of the positive things you say to your friends about me?

Shannon:  That you are a good guy…you do love me and you try to do anything you can for me. 

Rob:  Knowing then what you know now, would you still marry me or would you wait?

Shannon:  Knowing me…I’d marry you all over again…but honestly, I think it would have been better if we had waited.  You could have retired, moved out to Texas with me, which would have gotten you out of VA and into a non-alimony state and that would have solved a majority of our problems.  

Rob:  Well thank you for sitting down and taking the time to answer my questions.  It was informative to say the least.  I hope we can do it again.

This concludes my interview with Shannon Morticia Nelson.  Thank you for hanging around to read it and I hope you enjoyed it.


6 thoughts on “An Interview With Shannon (Morticia) Nelson

  1. sakuraandme

    Hey Robert and Shanny!

    My favourite married couple. 🙂
    Hmmm, would love to know which parts Shanny didn’t remember saying? Lol

    Darn males, who can trust them! LMAO
    I think your both great and have been through a lot together. I wish you both many more years of fun and happiness. Love to you both, Paula xxx


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