Don’t Get Mad, You’re the One Showing it Off

Hot Dress

One thing I never understood is why women will get upset when other men or women will check them out.  Now if they were wearing modest clothing not showing legs or cleavage sure that I could understand otherwise if not it just seems hypocritical that they are getting upset.  If your wearing a black liquid dress or skirt that stops just below your ass or a shirt that stops above the stomach or below your breasts or a dress or shirt that is see-through or low cut and shows all your cleavage, then you put that on for a reason. That would be because you want to turn heads.  Those are made to get men’s attention.  If you are wearing it then you’re hoping someone is going to see what you got and think your hot and sexy and boost your ego. 

So in my opinion you have no right to go around saying us men are perverts because we checked out your ass or legs or your cleavage when you purposely wore something that would show it all knowing it was something that would get our attention.   That’s like saying we can have the rest of the ice cream because your full then getting upset after we eat it all because we didn’t save you any or ask if you wanted any when you said in the first place you didn’t.

The fact that you are being checked out should be flattering because it says you look good so there is no reason to take it as an insult.  So stop playing your games and pretending your upset because if you really were you wouldn’t have went out half naked in the first place.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Mad, You’re the One Showing it Off

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Oh I agree, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that gives guys the right to treat women like prostitutes because of it. I’m pointing more towards the ones who give the sly looks and the woman acts like she is insulted because she was checked out in the first place.

  1. The Laughing Duck

    Ahahahah all the mind games of the world – I think my friend creatively bullshitted this one – I wasn’t gawking , just mildly acknowledging (;

    On the other hand I feel like most woman are glaring rather than checking out..


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