Looking Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground

Sagging Pants

All right, I’ve seen them.  I know you have seen them.  I’m talking about these fools walking around with their pants hanging down around their asses.  They can’t walk normal because they have to hold their pants so they don’t fall down.  What I want to know is; a) who told them this is cool? B) why in the fuck do they think ANYONE would want to see their underwear and c) do they not know that started in jail?  Yep it sure did.  It was a signal to say to the other inmates that they were available to be someone’s bitch.  That way they got protection in case other inmates tried to harm them.  Oh I’m sure I’m going to have a few people say “no that’s not true, that’s just a rumor, old wives tale, legend, whatever.”  Well, it is true, it’s my blog, my sources said it’s true, it’s on the internet and everything on the internet is true, and in case you didn’t know I’m a French model.  Not to mention the fact that I really don’t care if you agree or not, I’m telling you that’s how it started and what I say goes on my blog.

Seriously, whoever told these kids/adults this was a fashion statement was obviously playing a prank, trying to see who would fall for it.  I would have to say it was a huge success because way to many people fell for it.  This is not fashion.  You look fucking stupid.  Pull your pants up and try looking respectable and not like you’re so poor you can’t afford pants that fit or a belt.  I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR ASS AND UNDERWEAR.

I only hope this fad will fade out like disco, handlebar mustaches, and mullets did.  I don’t think the world can take a bunch of sagging asses for many more years before we go so far down the toilet we can’t even be snaked out by a professional plumber.


13 thoughts on “Looking Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground

  1. The Laughing Duck

    Haha, the moment I read “My sources said it’s true” I had to resist the urge to scoff , then you proved me right – apologies dear Frenchman. But this is fun though, because I have a friend who’s a dancer and has just got the habit of baggy pants, he says its because his fathers’ old ones used to do that to him 😛

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Though I made a joke from it it is true that’s where it started. The prisoners would come out of jail still wearing their pants like that and god knows why but these kids thought “hey that’s cool I’ll wear mine the same way”


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