And The President Is….


I was sitting her thinking yesterday about all the people I thought would make good presidents and why and thought I would share them with you.  Every 4 years we get the pleasure of having to choose who we want to run for president then vote for that person.  Sometimes who we want to run doesn’t get chosen for that party sometimes they do.  Then it becomes a 50/50 chance if the person your actually voting for president gets voted in, unfortunately the past two terms I was out-voted but maybe if one of these people had ran it would have been a different story.

The first person on my list is Bill Pullman.  He played the president already in Independence Day so he already knows the stresses that come with the job and having to make the tough choices of war and alien invasions.  Not to mention, his speech he gave just before they went up to fight after planting the virus in the mother ship to which he himself put himself behind the pilot’s seat was, not only moving but one of the most patriotic and uplifting speeches ever.

Morgan Freeman has played the president as well and also knows the pressures of being the president during global disasters not to mention he has that narrator’s voice that is just awesome to listen too.  We can’t forget he’s also played God as well.

Who can forget William Shatner.  “My…Fellow…Amer..i..cans..”  This man’s foreign policy is out of this world.  No one does foreign “relations” like him.  He’d be the first president, beating out ole Bill Clinton, by getting laid on every trip he took to another country in the name of peace.

Gerald Butler!  I mean come on.  He played King Leonidas and led 300 men against thousands of Persians.  He didn’t take any shit from anyone.  This man was a leader and he played him well.

Danny Trejo would just be totally awesome as president.  Could you imagine an ex federal a codenamed Machete as president?  He would totally kick ass.  No one would mess with the U.S.

Bruce Campbell would be another choice of mine.  Shit this man fought the powers of the book of the dead….3 times, even got thrown back to the middle ages once to fight the powers of the book of the dead and prevailed every time.  “Give me some sugar baby”

Michael Douglas is another iconic person who has not only played a president but a cop, a wallstreet savy mogul, and many other rolls and the man likes to get naked.  Bill Clinton set that standard for sex in the White House and I think Michael would fit right in and set that bar even higher.  Hopefully this time they won’t find any boiling bunnies in a pot in the White House kitchen.

Geena Davis is another who played a president on T.V. and though it didn’t do well in the ratings I liked the show and thought she did an awesome job and I would have voted for her not to mention she would have been one sexy president.

Okay this is a last minute update because I thought of it after the fact:

Charlie Sheen and my reason can be described in one word…..WINNING!!!

So that’s my list of presidential hopefuls.  If you have anyone to add I would like to hear them and why you think they would make a good president.


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